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First Look! Ryder Motorcycle Jean

Posted by The S on January 29, 2011

Ryder Motorcycle Jean
We just finished the Fall Lookbook shoot and it is so exciting to see all the new styles come to life!  Here’s a sneak at one of our favorites, the Ryder Motorcycle Jean in the wash “Epic.”  The wash is smooth and refined, but the detailed stitching on the knees looks so gritty and tough.  Good thing the model is size twig – otherwise someone definitely would have stolen these off the set.

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Explained: Getting Salt Out of Denim

Posted by The E on January 13, 2011

For most Americans outside of L.A., winter weather means snow. The most recent blizzard (which the twitterverse rightfully named “the snowpocalypse”) nearly paralyzed all of the central plains, and before that, cold weather threatened crops as far south as Florida.  

Any time it snows, the plows come out and drop their own “wintry mix” of sand and rock salt. Walk around long enough in a snowy city or brush up against a dirty car, and you will get a wet spot that dries into a dull white ring or stain towards the bottom of your pants. So in honor of the record breaking amount of snow this winter season, here are some tips for removing salt from your favorite denim:

  • Try to remove the salt as soon as possible. As with most stains, drying can set the stain and the salt will have extra time to damage the dye or cloth.
  • Put the lower part of the jeans (or the affected area) in warm water and gently swish them around or rub the cloth to remove excess salt.
  • If the salt has already dried, let the pants soak in warm water overnight.
  • Wash in a washing machine with cool water, and air dry to prevent shrinking. Note that not all denim can go in the washer, so read the label and make sure it is washer safe.
  • As a preventative, try to avoid wearing dark jeans when the roads are salty, or wear boots high enough to protect the bottom of your jeans.

If all else fails, just leave it and let it become a part of the denim. It is after all a pair of jeans! And sometimes salt can make the denim look worn in. We recently did a salt wash called Jupiter, designed to mimic the effect of walking into the ocean and then letting the jeans dry.

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On the Road: Shoe Tree, Park City

Posted by The T on January 11, 2011

On the way to Deer Valley in Park City, you might see this shoe tree on the side of the road heading up to the resort.  Since this snapshot was taken while driving 40mph, it is hard to see how big it was, but it is quite a sight.  There must have been over a hundred pairs… We’re wondering if there were any designer duds tossed up there in in size 7.5, perhaps a Manolo Blahnik lace-up bootie, by chance?  You never know, this is home of Sundance!

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Who's got THE HABIT? Emmanuelle Chriqui

Posted by The E on January 4, 2011

Emmanuelle Chriqui gives even our fit models a run for their money wearing the Luxor legging.  She’s pulling off the trifecta – sexy, comfortable, and evening appropriate all at the same. Perfect for a trip to the new Cosmopolitan in Vegas, a place that claims to have “just the right amount of wrong”.

Special thanks to Starpulse for first reporting this look.


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HABITUAL Obsessions: Edith Head

Posted by The T on January 1, 2011

Edith Head is amazing. Perhaps the most iconic Hollywood costume designer of all time, and the model for the character Edna Mode in The Incredibles. Recently at the El Portal in North Hollywood, actress Susan Claassen made Edith come to life in front of audiences during her run of A Conversation with Edith Head.  The set was filled with original mementos from Edith’s estate archives, and Susan was dressed impeccably as the famed dressmaker.  She didn’t act, she simply spoke with all 90 of the guests, and the intermission free performance flew right by.  More info available on the show’s website.

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