On the Road: Grange Hall, Dallas

Grange Hall Bird DIsplay

A new take on merchandising at Grange Hall

A must stop in Dallas is Grange Hall.  It’s a dark, contemporary shop carrying unique jewelry, art and home decor.  The place is known for once having a party that featured live chickens, in coops, wearing some of the latest necklaces in stock. Grange Hall is boutique that feels like a natural history museum at times, with finds like a paperweight with a snake skeleton inside, stuffed birds, and eerie sculptural jewelry.  A favorite in stock was a snowglobe from clothing designer Martin Margiela. A quirky minimalist, there was no Statue of Liberty or Chicago skyline in there, just a snow globe filled with snow.  No, nothing else, just snow.  So very Martin Margiela.  The guys at Grange also offer some of the most marvelous floral creations you can buy. Urban Flower/Grange Hall is located at 4445 Travis St, Dallas, Texas.

Martin Margiela Snowglobe Grange Hall

Snowglobe by Martin Margiela

Display at Grange Hall

A table display at Grange Hall

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