Behind the Scenes: ENK and Coterie

February is an important month for the denim and fashion industries, not only because of the collections showing at Fashion week, but also because of two back-to-back trade shows, ENK and Coterie.

ENK takes place for three days each year at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, and brings together fashion brands from all over to showcase the latest sportswear, denim, dress, accessories, and footwear lines to the buyers who select what shows up in the boutiques and department stores nearest you. Trade shows are where a lot of the hard work of the fashion business takes place. Beyond the glamour of New York’s million dollar runway shows, trade shows are an intersection of salespeople, fashionistas, stylists, buyers, and businessmen, taking appointments and standing in heels for long hours in a massive convention hall.

Habitual Booth at ENK Las Vegas

The Habitual Booth at ENK Las Vegas

Immediately following ENK is Coterie at New York’s Javits Center, one of the largest fashion trade shows of the year, with nearly 14,000 vendors, ranging from the modest booths of new denim startups to the massive, built out fashion experiences from billion dollar global brands. This year we tried to keep things relaxed and open for the thousands of attendees to work through at their own pace.

Habitual booth at Coterie in New York

The Habitual booth at Coterie in New York

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