Explained: HABITUAL "Glory" Pocket

If you are familiar with the HABITUAL brand, or even poked through a couple pairs at a local boutique, chances are you have noticed the large cross that appears on the back pocket of many of the pieces in the line. Ever since its inception, HABITUAL has used a cross as a logo and a frequent back pocket emblem. Specifically, we use a slightly modified version of the Maltese cross that is often called the ‘cross pattée’ or ‘iron cross’.

HABITUAL "Glory" Pocket pattern

Actual pattern used to make a HABITUAL "Glory" pocket

The Maltese cross, also known in Italy as the Amalfi cross, is recognized as the symbol of a group of Christian warriors known as the Knights of Malta. The symbol was originally used as a symbol of protection and a badge of honor, but it has gone on to become a symbol for the European nation of Malta. The symbol even appears on the one and two Euro cent coins. The cross has a v shaped element on the end of each arm, which creates eight individual points, said to represent 8 points of courage for the knights:

Glory and Honor
Contempt of Death
Helpfulness to the poor and the sick
Respect for the church

Greek Cross, Maltese Cross, Cross Pattee

Left to Right: a Greek cross, a Maltese cross, and a Cross Pattee

While the “Glory” pocket takes it’s name from one of these points of courage, the shape of the glory pocket is more accurately a cross pattée, which comes from the French for “paw”. The cross pattée has arms which are narrow at the centre, and flare out to become broader at the perimeter.

Both the Maltese cross and cross pattée evolved from a very well known and widely used symbol, the Greek cross. Perhaps the most basic cross you can find, the defining characteristic of the Greek cross is four arms of equal length. It looks like a plus “+” sign, and is also used as the international symbol for nursing, medicine, and the Red Cross. The Greek cross got its name because of its repeated use on ancient greek artifacts, including coins, statues, and other artworks. The cross was also used by early Greek Orthodox Christians as a religious symbol, and the cross still appears on the modern day Greek flag. A similar cross shape is evidenced in many artifacts from pre-columbian america.

Coins, Pre-columbian cross, Maltese Warrior

Ancient Greek Coins, a pre-columbian cross, a Maltese Warrior

We love the history behind the HABITUAL ‘Glory’ pocket and all the values it symbolizes. But most importantly we think it makes quite a statement on our jeans! Below are photos of some of the customized ‘Glory’ pockets we have done in previous collections.

Leather Glory PocketMixed "Glory" pockets

Torn "Glory" pocket

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