Inspiration: HABITUAL Resort Color Story

 A number of different crystals inspiring the 2012 Resort collection

In April 2000, two miners were digging a tunnel deep below Naica Mountain in Mexico’s Chihuahua desert, and stumbled across a hidden cavern containing some of the largest cystals in the world. Cueva de los cristales, or Cave of Crystals, in the town of Delicias, is a 30 foot by 90 foot hollow space about 950 feet below ground and houses crystal structures as large as 36 feet long and weighing over 50 tons each. The crystals thrive in an environment that can only be described as hostile: temperatures as high as 120 degrees and 80 percent humidity keep the crystals from shattering like glass. While dangerous to researchers who enter the cave, the effect is remarkable, and some geologists have referred to it as the “Sistine Chapel of crystals”.

The grays and whites of the gypsum beauties hidden in this cave, and the brighter hues found in some of their smaller, but equally interesting cousins, serve as the color inspiration for the HABITUAL 2012 Resort collection. Crystals have long been revered for their beauty and energy, and we love how crystals usually trapped inside of dark rock take on a new life when they come into the light. Translucent whites and grays glow from within, and different varieties of crystal surprise the eyes with their ethereal shots of color.  We can’t get enough.

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