Made in USA: Pollen Arts

Beeswax candles from Pollen Arts

We recently met the couple behind Pollen Arts, a small business that creates beeswax candles molded in the shape of antique bottles. The pair literally stumbled upon the idea when they found an old bottle laying in a tidepool by the beach. They devised a way to take a mold of the bottle, and then filled it with melted beeswax.  The results were stunning: a sweet smelling candle that serves as a hip-meets-antique decor object. They quickly experimented with milk bottles, apothecary bottles, inkwells, and even some of their own designs. As the candles burn down, the markings and designs on the bottle glow from within. Its no wonder their Etsy page has been a big hit.

The bottles demand a bit of a premium for a reason, they are still all handmade on the stove of a rehabbed winnebago in Long Beach, and the couple uses only 100% pure beeswax – no soy or paraffin wax blends here. As an added bonus, the beeswax is sustainable and helps support the disappearing bee colonies that farmers in states like California depend on to pollinate fruit and crops. We’re told they have plans to expand the concept to other antique objects soon – but we’ll have to wait and see exactly what that means.

A beeswax candle from Pollen Arts

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