5 Questions: Angelika

Portfolio shot from Angelika

It’s time for round two of our ’5 Questions’ feature, an ongoing series where we ask some of our favorite denimheads, media personalities, and celebs about their personal style, hidden talents, and of course their daily habits.

This week, we’re featuring our Spring 2012 look book model, Angelika, who answered some questions for us after last week’s shoot. A California native, Angelika broke into the business when she walked into an agency after some enouragement from her mother. They must have seen the same thing we did, because she was just the girl we needed to model the spring line.

New York or Los Angeles, and why?

Los Angeles, because of the amazing weather, surf and fun times.

Give us a sense of your personal style?

My personal style is really effortless, simple with little hints of something special.

You’re a model by profession, but what do you consider your greatest talent?

My greatest talent, in my perception, is my ability to be multi-talented.

What’s your daily habit?

Ooh, definitely Groundwork’s coffee and then the beach.

What’s one thing in your closet you could never give up? And what’s your go-to piece in the closet right now?

Ehh, everything. It’s really difficult to part with the pieces I’ve aquired. My go to piece currently would be my bathing suit.

BONUS: Heels or flats? 

Ooh, they’re both so wonderful, but I would say flats because there’s so much more that can be done in flats.

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