On Trend: Acid Yellows

Looks from Elie Saab (left) and Andrew Gn (right) Spring 2012

Paris and London Fashion weeks wrapped up last week and it looks like Yellow is a clear winner when it comes to color story. The tone showed up in nearly every line. On the lighter end, some of our favorite looks included a lemon yellow gown with bead detailing by Andrew Gn and a separates skirt blouse combination by Rue du Mail. On the darker end, Elie Saab did a group of his signature red carpet dresses in a smooth mustard color, and Burberry went the closest to the gold end of the spectrum with a couple of leather jackets. What all of the Spring yellows have in common is an “acid” tone: these are bold yellows, which go deeper than your typical springtime pastel so they have a bit more spice and strength.

Our own take on the yellow trend for Spring 2012 is a wash called “Tapestry”, a mid-range acid yellow dyed denim that falls somewhere between pastel and gold. You will see the Almas Hi Rise Zip Skinny, one of our newest cuts, in the Tapestry wash after the new year.

Looks from Rue de Mail (left) and Burberry (right) Spring 2012

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