Upward Bound House

Upward Bound House - Family Place, Santa Monica

One of the most inspiring charities we’ve encountered in LA is a Santa Monica based non-profit called Upward Bound House. While many non-profits tackle the issue of homelessness, it’s a deliberate effort to help homeless families that makes UBH special.  Most people think of homelessness as a problem that affects individual adults, but in fact there are many homeless families in the United States, including over 6,000 homeless children in Los Angeles County alone. The issue is significant enough that Sesame Street even touched on the problems affecting impoverished families by introducing a new “food insecure” character named Lily on an episode over the weekend.

 With transitional housing facilities in Santa Monica and Culver City, UBH dedicates its resources to help homeless families find affordable housing on the West Side of LA. As UBH Director David Snow told us, “We’re fantastically successful because of the 3 P’s – program, population and partnerships”. In addition to providing housing, UBH offers a number of community programs to tackle root causes of homelessness, for example a money management class, which teaches clients personal finance and savings to help them break the cycle of homelessness in the long term.

Upward Bound House Logo

 While many people are keeping their wallets closed in the currect economic climate, there are many ways to get involved. Upward Bound House offers a number of volunteer opportunities, in addition to accepting the usual donations. We think they are worth the effort.

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