First Look! More Coated Colors to Love

HABITUAL's new Color Coated Denim ad, as seen in NYLON's November issue

We’re beyond excited to share the newest colors of our coated denim. After debuting our Color Coated Denim with warmer hues like Luggage, Chianti, and Vermilion earlier in the year, we’re turning down the temperature a bit with a new collection in an icier palette. As we saw on the Spring 2012 runways, cooler colors like dark purple and turquoise are right on trend, and we’re bringing our tones out early. Look for the same Coated you love, now in  Dark Feather, Dark Taupe, Turquoise, Alabaster and Purple Mountain. The first shipments will hit stores in November!

  1. Sarah

    Will you still be carrying the “warmer colors” (specifically chianti) while you debut these? I’m saving up for a pair and really hoping you don’t decide to nix the neutrals and the beautiful Chianti.


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