How High Are Your Heels?

Christian Louboutin platform pumps and kitten heelsWe don’t usually pick up fashion news from IBM, and this was actually very hard to believe when we read it, but a new study from the business consulting company reports that the median heel height for women has gone WAY down in the span of just two years. Probably thanks to reality stars and their platform pumps, ladies were averaging a sky-high SEVEN inch heel in 2009, which has leveled out to just two inches now in 2011.

The measurement is based on an analysis of tens of thousands of posts from fashion bloggers, shoe insiders, and footwear social media influencers since 2008. More than just a changing trend, we think it reflects the shift in social conciousness, as women have gone in the direction of handmade, authentic and sensible choices, while still getting to feel sexy. We have to say, we welcome the kitten heel!

What’s the word, have you scaled down the height of your heels recently, or was Lady Gaga just throwing off the average?

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