Made in USA: Gentleman Arthur Ties

Gentleman Arthur Ties - Buckminster

Gentleman ARTHUR owners Samuel Wagner and Evrim Nathanael Eksi “wanted to create a project that had the mental complexity of artwork while sharing the accessibility of popular culture.” That’s definitely evident in their collection of handmade wood block ties, including The Hobo, inspired by Jack Kerouac’s adventures in On the Road and The Emma Beryl, inspired by Sam’s grandmother’s classic quilting patterns.

While they don’t consider themselves a fashion line, the duo’s slim cut ties are certainly fashionable, and at a great pricepoint too. Each tie is made from 100% cotton or felt and sells online for $75. Because of the design process, each piece is one of a kind – the wood block prints yield imperfect patterns, certain styles have unfinished edges, and some are even sewn with a slight curve in the seam. In their own words, “The bulky silk tie is dead, and the well-dressed man is now the rebel.”

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