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Bill Cunningham

Posted by The E on January 31, 2012

Bill Cunningham

This film has been out for a while, but we still revel when we watch one of our favorite documentaries Bill Cunningham New York. Known for his trademark bicycle and camera, New York Times street photographer Bill Cunningham has become a staple in New York City, as he has captured fashion trends for the Style section in his columns “On The Street” and “Evening Hours” for over 50 years.  Filmmakers Richard Press and Philip Gefter (also of The Times) produced a wonderful tribute to the accomplished cameraman, who was the only member of the media to be invited to Brooke Astor’s 100th birthday party. We admire Cunningham for his craft and unparalleled obsession with fashion and photography. If you have a chance, we highly suggest that you watch Press and Gefter’s documentary, in addition to keeping up with Bill’s column in The Times.

Sign of the Times: Bill’s most recent “On The Street” column highlights the trend for skinny jeans and ankle boots with a chunky heel. Get the look with the Alice Coated Skinny paired with a heel like this Gucci Bootie.

Bill Cunningham "On The Street"

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On The Road: St. Barths

Posted by The E on January 30, 2012

St. Barths RainbowWe are having a little case of the Mondays. Today, all we could think about is how at this time last month, we were enjoying our holiday break in St. Barths. Located in the northeastern Caribbean, this 8 square mile volcanic island is all about duty free shopping, sun, relaxation, reading, fine dining, more sun and then more relaxation. If you’re feeling adventurous, scuba diving, sailing and deep sea fishing trips all leave from the harbor, but in all honesty, we preferred staying close to our villa and lounging in the sand at all times.  St. Barths is a perfect getaway for when your days start feeling monotonous, hectic, and you just need a stress-free break to press reset button. We’ll definitely be back soon!

St Barths Beach

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Bands We Love: The Cults

Posted by The E on January 27, 2012

The Cults

The latest office music in rotation right now is the first effort from Manhattan-based The Cults. Their self-titled album is the only kind of music bandmates Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin could agree on, and it’s a happy medium, mixing synth pop sounds and sweet, dreamy vocals from Follin. One of our favorite tracks is “Abducted”, a subtle love song that evokes your first heartbreak. Learn why the entire band has long hair in a charming interview on Vevo. The band is steadily gaining momentum since signing with Columbia, and played on Jimmy Fallon at the end of last week. You can pick up the full album on Amazon for only 5 bucks, or see them live at The Music Box in LA come March. Happy Friday, everyone!

The Cults Album

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On Trend: Angelina Cigarette Skinny

Posted by The E on January 26, 2012

Angelina Cigarette Skinny JeansAt HABITUAL, we praise the European-influenced look of fashionistas like Emmanuelle Alt, who has a mastery of the chic yet relaxed look. Our new Angelina Cigarette Skinny jeans is a slimmer take on the European influenced look. To recreate the modern, sexier Audrey Hepburn look, try applying these style cues.

Pair the Angelina Cigarette Skinny with a men’s Tuxedo shirt for a laid-back, European vibe; or if you want to go for an even more casual, but still insanely cool look, go with a loose cashmeres sweater in gray. While neons have definitely been trending for spring, make sure that you don’t overwhelm your outfit with too much color. Try a bright leather belt and finish the outfit off with either a traditional pump or a moto kitten heel for a sexier and tougher look.

Tops: J.Crew Men’s Thomas Mason Tuxedo Shirt (left), J.Crew Cashmere Sweater

Jeans: HABITUAL Angelina Skinny Jeans at Nordstrom or Blue Jeans Bar

Belt: J.Crew Skinny Leather Belt

Shoes: Givenchy Moto Kitten Heel

emanuelle alt co

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Single Shot: Vancouver Drain Cover

Posted by The E on January 24, 2012

Frog and Tadpole Drain Cover

Many times, pedestrians don’t ever take notice of drain covers, but we love finding new drain cover patterns. Surprisingly, they are great inspiration pieces for denim hardware and patterns. This frog and tadpole patterned drain cover was found in Vancouver, BC. Thanks to Mary Quite Contrary for the find!

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On Trend: “Raw” Jewelry

Posted by The E on January 23, 2012

Dioptase PeridotPlenty of jewelry lines have begun incorporating rough hewn and natural looking gemstones into looks, but designer Natalie Dissel just might be leading the pack. Her work features super luxe, dreamy, nature inspired works, including specialty items like cufflinks for men (or women). A pair of earrings featuring a bright crystal or gemstone color is an excellent way to pick up on colored denim, or complement the edginess of a dark pair of coated jeans or a moto look.

Skull Cufflinks

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Made in the USA: Sweet Olive Soap Works

Posted by The E on January 20, 2012

Beer Soap

Did you know that handmade soap can slow down the aging process of your skin?  Handmade in New Orleans, Sweet Olive Soap Works’ specialty soap will do wonders to your skin. Each scent is nutrient rich and made with organic grown herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers. Sweet Olive Soap Works has amazing names and compositions, including a beer soap! One of our favorite names is “Bon Temps Poulet.” Bonus points because New Orleans is one of our favorite cities to visit, with such a rich heritage of arts and music. And we love True Blood. Find Sweet Olive Soap Works online on Etsy.

Bon Temps Poulet

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Behind-the-Scenes: Fall Winter 2012 Look Book Shoot

Posted by The E on January 19, 2012

On set at the HABITUAL Fall Winter 2012 Look Book shoot

One of our favorite things about working out of LA is finding those little pockets of creativity that exist in and around the city. That’s a safe description for the ocean-view studio we used for our Fall Winter 2012 Shoot yesterday in Pacific Palisades. The hilltop space allowed tons of natural light, great acoustics for music to keep everyone excited, and a cool air from the ocean. That it sits adjacent to the custom music studio of a major Hollywood composer (and his endless collection of design books and film posters) helped open up everyone’s creativity.

The new collection is full of luxe details and finishes, signature prints, new styles and colors for coated, and beautiful silhouettes, so we chose the set and styling to emphasize the design: clean, solid tees and shirts and simple heels matched a neutral backdrop and the occasional piece of furniture.  A clean face with a blackened red lip and a tight ponytail was just the right amount of effortless chic and interest for our repeat look book model Angelika.

On set at the HABITUAL Fall Winter 2012 Shoot

We’re already picking selects for the look book and it will head off to the printers in a couple weeks. Look for an online version here on The Habit soon afterwards!

Hair and Makeup for the HABITUAL Fall WInter 2012 shoot in Pacific Palisades, CA

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Bands We Love: Gotye

Posted by The E on January 18, 2012

Making Mirrors by Gotye

We can’t wait to see the Australian singer Gotye live at Coachella Music Festival in April. Meanwhile, we’ll keep on listening to “Somebody That I Used to Know” on repeat at our offices, featuring Kiwi singer, Kimbra. The dark, sad lyrics mixed with a happy sound make “Somebody That I Used to Know” a fit for a lot of different situations. Read extensive bios on Gotye on his website or his Facebook. Another one of our faves on Gotye’s new Making Mirrors album is “Eyes Wide Open.” We hope you enjoy listening as much as we do!

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Required Reading: Wilder Quarterly

Posted by The E on January 17, 2012

Wilder Quarterly

With everyone’s busy schedule, our stack of unread ‘required reading’ can pile up pretty quickly.  That’s one of the reasons we love Wilder Quarterly – it’s quality over quantity, coming only four time a year – giving us plenty of time to read it thoroughly. Wilder is ‘life through the lens of the growing world’, covering everything about the seasons from indoors to outside, culture, travel, food and design. With so much great design derived from the natural world right now, the gorgeous imagery captured each issue is more important than ever. There is something for the amateur and expert in every issue, so don’t get scared away if you don’t consider yourself a horticulturalist!

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