Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham

This film has been out for a while, but we still revel when we watch one of our favorite documentaries Bill Cunningham New York. Known for his trademark bicycle and camera, New York Times street photographer Bill Cunningham has become a staple in New York City, as he has captured fashion trends for the Style section in his columns “On The Street” and “Evening Hours” for over 50 years.  Filmmakers Richard Press and Philip Gefter (also of The Times) produced a wonderful tribute to the accomplished cameraman, who was the only member of the media to be invited to Brooke Astor’s 100th birthday party. We admire Cunningham for his craft and unparalleled obsession with fashion and photography. If you have a chance, we highly suggest that you watch Press and Gefter’s documentary, in addition to keeping up with Bill’s column in The Times.

Sign of the Times: Bill’s most recent “On The Street” column highlights the trend for skinny jeans and ankle boots with a chunky heel. Get the look with the Alice Coated Skinny paired with a heel like this Gucci Bootie.

Bill Cunningham "On The Street"

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