Required Reading: Lulu Says by Lulu and Your Mom

Lulu Says by Lulu and Your Mom
“I feel like my look is not “polished” enough.  Tips?” ”What’s the difference between a close friend and a best friend to you?” Lulu Chang offers real answers to these questions and personal advice in her new book, Lulu Says.  Last year, the San Francisco based blogger of Lulu and Your Mom set up a Formspring to try to connect more personally with her readers. She received over 10,000 questions from her readers, from personal questions to styling questions – questions that everyone wants to ask, but sometimes is afraid to. After the overwhelming feedback, she compiled enough questions to put it together into a 68 page pocket-sized book. Lulu tries to be the best friend or older sister that you never had. Now, she actually considers herself a real “Mom,” instead of just using the word in her blog name, which is inspired by a bad mom joke.

P.S. You may remember Lulu from our past “Required Reading” post, The Fashion Coloring Book.

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