Obsession: Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia

We are pretty much in love London-based shoe brand Charlotte Olympia. The incredibly fun and quirky brand was formed in 2007 under the creative direction of Charlotte Dellal, who combines everything we admire in a brand: a sense of humor, unique perspective, incredibly quality and attention to detail. Dellal’s tongue-in-cheek approach can be seen in the adorable Kitty flats, a perfect example of her ‘fashion is fun’ mantra. Or take a look at her Spring/Summer 2012 styles featuring organic leaf details that showcase the impeccable craftsmanship.

Charlotte Dellal tells Vogue UK that she believes in Girl Power, and so do we – the HABITUAL team is almost completely female! Look for big things from Charlotte Olympia this spring, as well, including the debut of their bridal shoe collection in April, a New York store opening next month and the completion of their first pre-collection!

Kitty Flats

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