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Bands We Love: Mechanimal

Posted by The E on February 10, 2012


Greek gods are not the only stories that come out of Athens. Spawned out of the riots that shook the center of Athens last spring, the band Mechanimal formed to create what they call a “drone ‘n’ roll” band. The brainchild of Giannis Papioannou, a pioneer in the Athenian electronic scene, Mechanimal is also made up of band members, Freddie F on vocals and TnG on the guitar. Look for vintage drum beats, monosynths and sub baselines, along with the theatrical voice of lead singer Freddie F. While we haven’t yet been able to hit a live show, we’re told the visuals created by Angeliki Vrettou are not to be missed. Have a listen on their SoundCloud page. We like what we have seen and heard so far!

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Single Shot: Guess What This Is?

Posted by The E on February 9, 2012

Guess what this is?

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Obsession: Pink

Posted by The E on February 8, 2012

Obsession: Pink

One of our favorite design blogs, Design*Sponge recently confessed of converting into a “pink person” – ditto HABITUAL design team, we have a new favorite color. We are usually drawn towards the neutral and darker tones – nothing over the top girly (which is usually pink), although we do enjoy our very glamorous moments as women. But, you would just never think there’d be a day where we became completely obsessed with Pink, from posies to pigs. There is something about this color that is IN right now and we just can’t get enough of it. Another one of our fave blogs, Bijou and Boheme did an amazing post dedicated to a “wink of pink” and pink and blue. The color combo makes everything look a little more fun and inviting.

Looking for a little pink denim love? You just in luck because our Alice Coated Skinny in Taj Mahal has a salmon-y pink coat and we are coming out with a beautiful pale rose called ‘English Rose’ in the Fall.

Pink Hair

I Pink I'm In Love

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Highland Park and Eagle Rock Hot Spots

Posted by The E on February 7, 2012


It was a throw on your sunnies and enjoy the blue skies type of a weekend in LA (sorry for those of you in other cities!), so we decided to explore another great part of LA’s East side, Highland Park and Eagle Rock. Seriously, this neck of the woods houses some of the most underrated parts of LA; here’s our guide to some of the top spots.

In anticipation of all the salty Super Bowl food, we had a salad at FOUR Café in Eagle Rock. They not only have amazing organic fare, but THE NICEST servers and staff we have ever met! Nothing is better than a great meal and great service from an eatery dedicated to green business practices.

After eating, we wandered over to POSSESSION VINTAGE for our vintage fix. Each of their unique pieces are handpicked and repaired of any imperfections. Their wonderfully curated product is found on York Blvd. in Highland Park, and they also set up shop at the Melrose Fairfax flea market every Sunday. Great spot to find a new pair of vintage shades here.

Just down York Blvd, we stopped by THE YORK, a fantastic neighborhood gastropub which draws all different types of folks and makes for superb people watching. This place is all about good company and tasty drinks, and we also hear they have a great happy hour and weekend brunch.

If you are looking a more fast-casual dining experience, don’t forget the OINKSTER. The Oinkster, also located in Eagle Rock, is the place to go for American classics. They have some of the best premium sandwiches, including house-cured pastrami, a slow roasted pork sandwich and juicy burgers. Our recommendation is to finish off a slow–roasted pork sandwich with a Hand scooped shake made with Fosselman’s ice cream. You won’t have to worry about breaking the bank here thanks to their $10-and-under menu.

Where should we explore next?

The York on York

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Dorothea Tanning 1911-2012

Posted by The E on February 6, 2012

Dorothea Tanning, Ein Klein Nachtmusik, 1943

While many creative people pass away far too young, that’s not the case for Dorothea Tanning, known as “the last living Surrealist,” who has sadly passed away at the age of 101. Tanning’s work was another major inspiration for our Fall Winter 2012 line.

Born in Galesburg, IL, Tanning was working as a commercial illustrator in NY until she visited a surrealist show at the Museum of Modern Art in 1936 and decided to become a serious painter. Her career took off after she met another surrealist, Max Ernst, which led to her first solo show and a 30 year marriage. The two lived and worked together until his death in 1976, after which Tanning went on to become a sculptor and then a noted novelist and poet.

Some of Tanning’s works are on display at the LACMA “In Wonderland” exhibit, including “Birthday,” a self-portrait considered among her best pieces.

Dorothea Tanning, Birthday, 1942

Along with work by other surrealists, including Leonora Carrington, Tanning’s paintings also served as inspiration for Madonna’s Music Video “Bedtime story,” directed by Mark Romanek, who decided to use surrealist motifs after meeting with the Super Bowl singer in a hotel room where she had installed a surrealist work from her art collection.

See the 1:02 mark for reference to Tanning’s sunflower image from a 1943 piece called “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.”

Madonna – Bedtime Story by

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Required Reading: Lulu Says by Lulu and Your Mom

Posted by The E on February 3, 2012

Lulu Says by Lulu and Your Mom
“I feel like my look is not “polished” enough.  Tips?” ”What’s the difference between a close friend and a best friend to you?” Lulu Chang offers real answers to these questions and personal advice in her new book, Lulu Says.  Last year, the San Francisco based blogger of Lulu and Your Mom set up a Formspring to try to connect more personally with her readers. She received over 10,000 questions from her readers, from personal questions to styling questions – questions that everyone wants to ask, but sometimes is afraid to. After the overwhelming feedback, she compiled enough questions to put it together into a 68 page pocket-sized book. Lulu tries to be the best friend or older sister that you never had. Now, she actually considers herself a real “Mom,” instead of just using the word in her blog name, which is inspired by a bad mom joke.

P.S. You may remember Lulu from our past “Required Reading” post, The Fashion Coloring Book.

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Inspiration: Female Surrealist Painters

Posted by The E on February 2, 2012

Harmony by Remedios Varo, 1956

When we set out to design the Fall Winter 2012 collection, is was the surrealist movement, and more specifically female surrealist paintings, that found their way onto our inspiration boards.  The color palettes of artists like Leonora Carrington led to rich new coated colors and dyed looks, while the deep symbolism of works by the likes of Frida Kahlo inspired our selection of deep, dark denim washes. Across the board, surrealist imagery led to our exciting new print story and influenced color and wash names.

So we were extremely excited to hear about “In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and The United States,” a new LACMA exhibit that pulls together so many of the works and artists we referenced for the line, as well as others we had never seen or heard of before. Walking through the exhibit during member previews, it was a thrill to see works that we never expected to see in person at all, displayed together in the same space.

While Salvador Dali is synonymous with the surrealist movement in Europe, there was also a thriving group of surrealists working in North America around the same time, led by an unexpected segment of the population: women. In the prologue for the exhibit, Whitney Chadwick explains that the show is “the first international exhibition to explore the legacy of surrealism in Mexico and the United States through its influence on several generations of women artists.” This is really a monumental, first-of-its-kind show that everyone who loves (or hasn’t yet discovered) surrealist art should see. Using portraits, self-portraits  and even double self-portraits, the female surrealists used their medium to delve deep into the subconscious and the space of their own dreams.

Our favorite painting in the show is Remedios Varo’s 1956 painting ‘Harmony’, whose intricate details and symbolic meaning are a perfect summation of our inspiration and the surrealist movement itself. Varo’s other featured paintings include ‘Celestial Pablum’ and ‘Woman Departing from Psychoanalyst’s Office’. Don’t miss works by the recently passed Leonora Carrington and the more high-profile Frida Kahlo. Also notable are pieces by Kay Sage and Bridget Tichenor, photographs by Lee Miller and sculptures by Louise Bourgeois.

Woman Departing from Psychoanalyst's Office, by Remedios Varo

You can catch the show at LACMA through May 6th, before it moves to the National Museum of Fine Arts in Quebec and then to the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City in the fall – right about when the new line hits retail.

Celestial Pablum by Remedios Varo

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Bands We Love: Veronica Falls

Posted by The E on February 1, 2012

Veronica Falls debut album

It’s been a pretty big year for British music in America (that statement would be true even if we were only talking about Adele), and this week we’ve been jamming to Brit indie pop band Veronica Falls. The band formed in London just three short years ago, but already has a respectable and growing fan base in the US and across the pond. Their sound combines the best of 80’s British pop with a bit of a darker feel that is surprising but fun. Scout Magazine praised their mastery of “the perfect 2 minute morbid love song.” Our favorite from the album, Found Love in a Graveyard, is from their self-titled debut Veronica Falls. Trust us, this British foursome is here to stay.

Veronica Falls

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