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Obsession: Paperfashion

Posted by The E on April 30, 2012

Paperfashion 2We recently stumbled across and fell in love with Paperfashion, a blog by Katie Rodgers, which displays Rodgers’ incredibly unique and beautiful watercolor fashion illustrations. Paperfashion has worked with well-known fashion brands such as Kate Spade, Coach, OlsenBoye, Lucky Magazine, Nabisco, Penelope and Coco, Target, among many others. Katie’s passion for drawing started before she could even read, and says that she received her first watercolor set in the first grade. She went on to study industrial design in college, and it was while she was pursuing her career in apparel and fashion design when she found herself illustrating in her free time and created her blog Paperfashion. We love following her posts as she shares tid bits of her favorite things – from home goods, fashion necessities, must-have accessories and more – but, she almost always makes sure to share everything in “paper” form.  Here are some of our favorite prints, and you should also take a peek at more of her work at her shop here.


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Bands We Love: Crocodiles

Posted by The E on April 27, 2012

CrocodilesThere is only one-way to experience this week’s band we love – live and in-person. Brilliantly mixing psychedelic, indie and noise pop sounds, Crocodiles is a band that no other can be compared to. The San Diego natives are making a name for themselves outside their internet following. With their loud rhythms Crocodiles are spreading a wall of sound across North America through a string of spring tour dates surrounding their 3rd album. The band has come a long way since their inception four years ago, adding three new members to Brandon Welchez’s powerful vocals and the amazing technical skills of guitarist Charles Rowell. Crocodiles is not only a band we love, but also a band that we will be playing over-and-over this spring as we anticipate the coming summer.


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Downtown LA Eateries

Posted by The E on April 26, 2012

Downtown LA Restaurants

If you told us two years ago that some of our favorite restaurants are located in Downtown LA, we would’ve laughed at you and thought you were crazy. But, now, we honestly can’t stay away from all of the amazing restaurants that have been  popping up all over Downtown LA. Downtown LA is definitely the trending up and coming neighborhood of LA; here is a round up of our favorite food and drink spots:

Umamicatessen: The owners of the infamous Umami Burger restaurants just opened a multi-concept deli and bar experience on Broadway downtown. They serve their mouth dripping burgers along with a plentiful of indulging other treats. We suggest trying the Tempura Dipped Onion Rings and all of the fried to order Donuts.

Bottega Louie: Bottega Louie’s high ceilings and extravagant bakery will make you feel like you just escaped to Europe for a brief moment. We love going to Bottega Louie, located on 7th and Grand, for their weekend Brunch, but really anytime of the day is just as good! For Brunch, we recommend trying their Smoked Salmon Benedict and Portobello fries. And, you can’t forget to grab a box of Macaroons on your way out.

Colori Kitchen: Just around the corner from Bottega Louie, located on 8th Street, is a cozy family-owned Italian restaurant called Colori Kitchen. We love all of their authentic Italian dishes and also appreciate they don’t have a corkage fee when you bring your own bottle of wine!

The Varnish: Hidden behind Cole’s (famous for their French dipped sandwiches) is a small speakeasy called The Varnish. This is probably one of our favorite bars, as you’ll flashback to the days of the Prohibition because the wait staff and bartenders are completely dressed in 1920’s attire. Order the “Bartender’s Choice” and we promise you’ll be satisfied every single time.

The Gorbals: Another hidden restaurant and another favorite, in the old Alexandria Hotel, is The Gorbals Los Angeles. If you’re a Top Chef junkie like us, then you’ll know that this is the restaurant of Illan Hall, the Top Chef winner of season 2. For a fun atmosphere and plate sharing with friends, this is the perfect place. It also helps that there isn’t one dish on this menu that we don’t like. The Gorbals’ Sticky Toffee Pudding with Ice Cream and Maldon Salt is the perfect cherry on top to every meal.

Spring Street Bar: Just down the street is an amazing bar that offers delicious 26 domestic beers on tap and made to order artisanal sandwiches (we recommend trying the meatball sandwich). Another perk about this spot is that they have happy hour daily from 5pm-8pm.

CoffeeBar: On the same street as Spring Street Bar is a cozy coffee bar, also called CoffeeBar, for all you coffee aficionados out there. Take your yummy drink and sit outside on their large outdoor patio – perfect for people watching – or bring your work for a calm and soothing atmosphere inside.

Church & State: Located in the Warehouse district, just a tad east of downtown LA, you’ll find this quaint French bistro lined with twinkle lights on the ceilings called Church & State. They serve absolutely the most delicious Tartes.

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Denim Day in LA & USA

Posted by The E on April 25, 2012

Denim Day

Today, we proudly wear denim in honor of Denim Day in LA & USA to visually protest against misconceptions that surround sexual assault.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of and prevent rape and sexual assault by asking members of the community, including public officials, students and business people, to wear jeans today as a way to show their support for the cause.

The organization chose denim to make its statement because of an Italian court case from 1990, in which a 45-year-old driving instructor raped his 18-year-old student. After an initial conviction, the man was later let off by the Chief Judge of the Italian Supreme Court, who cited that the jeans she wore were so tight, that the girl had to help the rapist remove them, and therefore it must have been consensual. The women in the Italian Parliament showed their outrage for the decision by wearing jeans to work.

Who’s joining us in wearing denim today?

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Bill Cunningham: The Art of Hatmaking

Posted by The E on April 24, 2012

Bill Cunningham Hats

For some, the connection between millinery and photography may be hard to see, but for Bill Cunningham it goes hand-in-hand – it’s all art. Now, the legendary street-style photographer can be seen bicycling through the streets of New York catching moments in fashion on icons such as Anna Wintour. But it wasn’t that long ago that he had another hobby of taking the craft of hatmaking and turning it into a completely new art form. His approach to millinery also revealed his is eye for photography, as he captured the “wonderful, freeing, relaxing experience” hatmaking had in his life.

We love Cunningham’s vision that millinery isn’t only about making a hat, it’s about creating art. And now people can own pieces of his art, as vintage fashion dealer Katy Kane has started selling the vintage hats last week on For those who don’t see themselves as hat-wearers just yet, Bill Cunningham New York (The Habit previously wrote about) dabbles into further insight of Cunningham as a hatmaker, as well as a video created by The New York Times, and Cunningham describing his hats in more detail. As expected, Cunningham’s hats are beautifully photographed by no one other than himself.

Bill Cunningham

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Required Reading: The French Cat & The French Dog

Posted by The E on April 23, 2012

The French CatAnimal lovers and Francophiles–best-selling photographer, Rachael McKenna, has created the ultimate books for you!  In “The French Cat” and “The French Dog,” McKenna fills the pages with beautiful and sophisticated photographs of the cats and dogs of France. Born and raised in New Zealand, McKenna’s heart-warming images of animals have been published on greeting cards, calendars and posters around the world. After years of honing her craft in the studio, the talented McKenna decided to begin photographing animals in their natural environments. With her family’s recent move to France, McKenna found it the perfect opportunity to begin snapping photos of cats in everyday life. Released this past October, “The French Cat” tells the story of McKenna’s new life in France while featuring her delightful photos of cats. After discovering the special place dogs also have in French life, McKenna began work on her next book “The French Dog.”  Featuring stunning images of the dogs of France, dog-lovers will be happy to know that McKenna’s latest creation has just been released this April.

The French DogThe French Dog 2

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HABITUAL's on Pinterest!

Posted by The E on April 20, 2012


Follow Me on Pinterest

Start following HABITUAL on Pinterest for an inside look at the inspiration behind HABITUAL’s design team. Happy Pinning!

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5 Questions: Audrey Fisher

Posted by The E on April 19, 2012

Audrey Fisher

Summer has always been our favorite season for many reasons. One of the highlights of this summer is the return of HBO’s vampy and sexy hit series, True Blood, on June 10. In anticipation of the premiere of the new season, we were lucky enough to catch up with the creative mind behind the show’s hot vampire looks–Costume Designer, Audrey Fisher.

Before focusing her talents on the small-screen, Audrey’s diverse experience prepared her well.  While attending graduate school at NYU, Audrey started her career as a hat milliner.  Soon, Audrey found herself traveling the world designing costumes for a variety of venues from off-Broadway productions to opera. Audrey eventually found herself back in her hometown of Los Angeles as the Resident Assistant Costume Designer at the Center Theatre Group’s costume shop. Audrey’s gift for imaginative costuming led to her next gig as the assistant designer for the television shows That 70s ShowThat 80s Show and Twenty Good Years. Not long after, Audrey began as an assistant designer on True Blood before ultimately landing her most recent role as the head of Costume Design.

New York or Los Angeles, and why?

Both! I grew up in LA but then really grew up when I decamped to NYC when I was 20 and stayed for almost a decade. So, I feel like a New Yorker, and I’m deeply delighted when people assume that. These two great cities are my yin and yang: NYC recharges my aesthetic battery to 1000% because there’s everyday magic around every corner, and you get to see it up close because you’re on foot. But, LA’s vast cultural landscape begs to be discovered by the curious practitioner…plus her desert light is incomparable.

Give us a sense of your personal style?

I work such long hours, I have to be fairly practical! So I try to keep myself entertained by honing the ideal costume designer’s costume: simple, quality pieces with a smattering of color and cool quirky accessories. Keeping my personal style simple means I can focus more of my energy on creating the characters’ costumes!

You’re best known for your work as a costume designer, but what do you consider your greatest talent?

Multi-tasking…seriously. And I can find inspiration all around me… not a talent, but a necessity.

What’s your daily habit?

Lemon water first thing when I wake up, then focusing on keeping a clear and open mind as I plunge into the work day!

What’s one thing in your closet you could never give up? And what’s your go-to piece in the closet right now?

Can’t give up my grandmother’s 1920 silk crepe Chinoiserie jacket or my black Vivienne Westwood corset. Go-to old friend: Vince black leather moto jacket.

BONUS: If you could be a fantasy character from the show – who or what would you like to be and why?

I wouldn’t mind a cameo as a fierce 1940s-1980s vampire a la Catherine Deneueve in The Hunger…

Audrey Fisher with Anna

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Quote of the Day…

Posted by The E on April 18, 2012

by Theodore Roosevelt

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On Trend: Pastel Hair

Posted by The E on April 17, 2012

Pastel Hair

Hair chalking has been around for a little while, and we found that it’s still on trend in pastels. We especially like Rackk and ruin‘s DIY attitude, suggesting picking up soft pastels from the art supply store to get the look. There is no need to spend over $30 at the salon for some fun hair color.  Try doing two colors on one strand, and styling with a fishtail braid or an up-do to spice up your hairdo every so often. We love Lauren Conrad’s “Cotton candy bun” up-do.

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