Required Reading: The French Cat & The French Dog

The French CatAnimal lovers and Francophiles–best-selling photographer, Rachael McKenna, has created the ultimate books for you!  In “The French Cat” and “The French Dog,” McKenna fills the pages with beautiful and sophisticated photographs of the cats and dogs of France. Born and raised in New Zealand, McKenna’s heart-warming images of animals have been published on greeting cards, calendars and posters around the world. After years of honing her craft in the studio, the talented McKenna decided to begin photographing animals in their natural environments. With her family’s recent move to France, McKenna found it the perfect opportunity to begin snapping photos of cats in everyday life. Released this past October, “The French Cat” tells the story of McKenna’s new life in France while featuring her delightful photos of cats. After discovering the special place dogs also have in French life, McKenna began work on her next book “The French Dog.”  Featuring stunning images of the dogs of France, dog-lovers will be happy to know that McKenna’s latest creation has just been released this April.

The French DogThe French Dog 2

  1. elena

    went on amazon to check out the book however there are two books, same title, different covers for The French Cat. Both are by McKenna, but what is the difference? Would like to purchase as a gift, but not sure which to get.


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