Made in the USA: Beam & Anchor

Beam & Anchor

After years of dreaming, Robert and Jocelyn Rahm were able to create and open a collaborative workshop for the Portland community of dedicated, likeminded artisans. In the heavily industrial area of north Portland Robert and Jocelyn found a beautiful yet neglected 7,000 square foot warehouse, which after 8 months of persuasion, finally became theirs. The space celebrates innovation, friendship, and quality goods all in a community to nurture ideas.

Robert & Jocelyn’s vision is realized as Beam & Anchor has always been a haven for artists, makers, upholsterers, carpenters and beautiful-thing-lovers to unite in a “home,” supporting each other through encouragement and a constant infusion of new ideas, as they work their magic to craft the ornately detailed soaps, furniture, bags and other goods selling in the retail store below. The warehouse is reminiscent of this idea with an open kitchen and large dining table (as a gathering space), floor-to-ceiling curtains rather than walls separating the workshops, and a glass viewing panel giving visitors an inside look at how the furniture comes together. The Rahms also bring the public into their “family” through hosting community events such as,  maker networking suppers and an upcoming summer music series.

Beam & Anchor just opened earlier this spring and will continue to draw people from all over through its simple and central idea of community – and you can be sure that the next time we’re in Portland we will be stopping by to not only say “hello” but to also get our hands on this priceless merchandise.

Beam & Anchor can be found at:  2710 N Interstate Ave. Portland, OR 97227

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