A Common Name’s LA Street Art

A Common NameOver the past couple of months A Common Name, a.k.a. Julian Paige Smith, has been working on a street art project around Los Angeles. As a freelance artist and graphic designer one would expect her to be creating 2D installations – instead she has been aweing unexpected Los Angelino’s and visitors alike with her unexpected 3D treasures.

The project consists of amazingly intricate paper formations that bring the magic of real geodes, crystal, quartz, and other mineral formations normally found in nature, into everyday life within the bustling city of Los Angeles. The point of the project is not for everyone to notice these treasures (and many will not) and for them to be affected by the weather and other elements so they do not last forever.

Since the beginning of the project A Common Name has made 12 sculptures, some of which have since disappeared, but all of which can be found integrated throughout the city into the holes of buildings and pipes, taking the mundane and making it “sparkle.” This Memorial Weekend is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy a relaxing long weekend and you can be sure that we will be going on our own scavenger hunt to find the remaining sculptures.

If you want to also experience these fun and unique pieces, follow the map below and set out on the hunt for A Common Name’s “Geode” Street Art Project.


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