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Artist We Love: whyrHymer

Posted by The E on August 30, 2012

whyrHymer Lighting

This week, we had the honor of previewing our Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 collection at whyrHymer‘s gorgeous showroom. The brain behind whyrHymer is designer and maker, Brandon Morrison. Brandon’s wood making began while working as a handyman at a hardware store, where he was able to build more and more wood-related projects for his clients. His work eventually evolved into what whyrHymer is today – a unique collection of custom handmade furniture and lighting. Brandon’s designs are truly one of a kind. Take a look at the photos for yourself, and watch Brandon’s film to take a more in-depth look of whyrHymer’s work.

We had such a wonderful time in his space, and his we thank Brandon and his wife Sundeep for sharing it with Habitual!

whyrHymer Lighting

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Who's Got The Habit: January Jones

Posted by The E on August 28, 2012

January Jones

We are mad about January Jones style on air and off air! Mad Men star January Jones was photographed in the Habitual Alice Skinny coated jeans in Tea Leaf last week while out shopping in Los Angeles. The sixth season of Mad Men seems so far away since the fifth season just wrapped in June – I guess we’ll have to do with Sunday morning re-runs on AMC!

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Artist We Love / Made in the USA: Ariele Alasko

Posted by The E on August 27, 2012

Ariele Alesko

We are in complete admiration for Ariele Alasko’s reclaimed furniture work. She describes herself as a “builder, a fixer, and a do-it-myselfer,” and if you take a look at her amazing blog Brooklyn To West, it really looks like she can create just about anything. She has even built an entire restaurant and almost all of her apartment (in Brooklyn) from scratch!  What we especially praise Ariele for is her super intricate herringbone and patterned  designs…there’s even one of her table tops that we think looks an awful lot like our Acacia Skinny Herringbone Tuxedo Pant. What do you think?


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Quote of the Day…

Posted by The E on August 24, 2012

Do All Things With Love

Amen to this quote (found on DishfunctionalDesigns)! Happy Friday everyone and remember to do all things with love! xo

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Obsession: Sculptural iPhone Covers

Posted by The E on August 23, 2012

iPhone covers

We’ve never been big techies, but we are obsessed with these amazing, textured colored iPhone covers by SwitchEasy, especially the Black Blossom cover. They are mini sculptures at your finger tips!

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On Trend: Angelina Cigarette in Rose Red

Posted by The E on August 22, 2012

Angelina Cigarette in Rose Red

Printed denim has definitely been on trend this year, and our Angelina Cigarette in Rose Red is our take of wearing “our heart on our pants.”

Jeans: HABITUAL Angelina Cigarette in Rose Red at American Rag

Tops: Pull&Bear Studded Denim Shirt, Mango Tie Dye Denim Shirt, Topshop Lace Back Peplum Top

Shoes: Charlotte Olympia Dolly suede slingback pumps

Necklace: H&M Necklace

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Obsession: Outdoor Wallpaper

Posted by The E on August 21, 2012

Wall&Decò, an Italian wallpaper design company, is already widely known for creating amazing mural-type indoor wallpapers. Now, they are making a new name for themselves with outdoor wallpaper. The Cool Hunter reports that the company has created an OUT – Outdoor Unconventional Textures – system, which is a three-part covering that allows for incredible photographic reproductions and large-scale graphic designs to be applied onto outside walls. The system consists of an adhesive, a technical fabric and a finishing treatment. We already love their indoor designs, so why not share it without the outside world? We think it’s a brilliant idea. What do you think?


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Who's Got The Habit: Sophia Bush

Posted by The E on August 20, 2012

Who's Got The Habit: Sophia Bush

Former One Tree Hill star and star of CBS’ upcoming comedy “Partners”, Sophia Bush,was seen carrying a HABITUAL shopping bag while leaving the nail salon in Beverly Hills, California last week! We were so sad to see One Tree Hill end this April, but we can’t wait to see what Sophia has lined up next. For now, it looks like she has a new habit!

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Artists We Love: Peter Genteneaar

Posted by The E on August 16, 2012

This year was the 25th festival of classical music held at the Saint-Riquier in Northern France. For this special occasion Peter Gentenaar, a paper sculptor, created an exhibition of more than 100 empyrean paper sculptures that were on display inside the abbey of the church. The beautiful paper sculptures resembled multi-colored jellyfish as they suspended from the Gothic arches of the ancient abbey built in 638.

Peter Gentenaar’s work was born from the limitations of what he was unable to create with regular store-bought paper. He developed his own paper factory, with the help of the Royal Dutch Paper Factory, which processes and mills long-fiber paper pulp into the material you see in his artwork. It was from this that his masterpieces were formed as he learned how to use wet paper and bamboo ribs to create anything imaginable.

We love the creative and innovative story behind these paper formations and hear that they are even more beautiful in the dark!

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5 Questions: Dree Harper

Posted by The E on August 14, 2012

Dree Harper

Dree Harper, blogger of Create That Style and contributor to Refinery29, has been involved in the fashion industry for over 20 years now. From retail, management, styling to designing, Dree has done it all! Dree’s love for vintage stores and thrift shops eventually led to the start of her own vintage clothing and accessories website called Among everything she does in fashion, she is also a mother to her son while also being a “top pinner” – Dree was listed as one of Mashable’s Top Pinterest Accounts! The Habit was so excited to learn more about her in our 5 questions…

We usually start off with our New York or Los Angeles question. But, since you’re located in Florida, we wanted to change it up! Twitter or Facebook, and why?

Definitely Facebook simply because it’s where more of my personal relationships are. I mainly use Twitter for my business life so while it’s a fantastic tool; it’s part of my working world. Facebook gives me updates on my family and friends, and it’s where I’ll find all the fun photos of important (and not so important) status updates that make me feel like I’m a part of their life even if we’re not close in proximity. I will say, however, that I try to limit my time on the computer after work hours. It’s not healthy to always be plugged in! iPhones, too!

Give us a sense of your personal style?

I’ve called my personal style “collegiate gypsy” in the past because I’ve always been drawn to both a clean, almost equestrian look (blazers, riding boots) as well as bohemian/ethnic styling. But I’m finding as my style evolves, my tastes are drawn more to quality fabrics and details whether it’s about vintage or high design. I’d say my style today is both modern and bohemian. I’ll always try to throw some kind of tribal print or earthy jewelry in the mix. That’s always been me! Gucci & caftans live harmoniously together in my world.

You’re best known for being a writer, but what do you consider your greatest talent?

It’s funny because I don’t consider myself a writer! The Refinery29 gig is more of a creative contributing position although I do curate the Pinterest column. I like to pitch new ideas and have a part of Refinery29′s strong voice, but it’s more about finding new stories than writing. The staff of writers and editors have skills I can’t even touch…they’re amazing! My greatest talent? Gosh, these days I’d say my best talent is sitting in front of a computer in my pjs and pinning massive amounts of visually pleasing images onto various boards. Ha! But seriously, I’d like to think teaching and leading my soon-to-be three-year old son is my best talent. Maybe it’s not my biggest talent but it’s where my heart lies at this point in my life, that’s for sure!

What’s your daily habit?

I’m from Seattle so coffee is pretty much my second language. We understand each other very well. Especially since I’ve become a mother! I also try to keep on top of working out and eating right but the gelato shop down the street likes to interrupt that plan at times.

What’s one thing in your closet you could never give up? And what’s your go-to piece in the closet right now?

Never give up? Two things. A 70’s YSL Rive Gauche black blazer that my mother gave me. It’s the perfect fit. That and a 70s YSL leopard scarf that has actual leopards in the print. It’s huge! I may frame it one day. Go-to? Most days, I’m looking for my Soludos espadrille flats to wear with black leggings and an easy top that covers my bum. I’m a busy mom and I work from home! I can’t wear fussy things although 80% of my wardrobe is really for dress-up. I’m working hard on buying more basics. That’s kind of a new thing for me!

BONUS: Where do you get styling inspiration from?

Besides Pinterest, by way of runway shots, editorials and lookbooks. I’d also say through my love for vintage. I have a few clients that I source vintage for and it keeps me creatively immersed in styling. There’s nothing more exciting than finding something from the past that you can make relevant through the teaming of modern pieces and I make sure that’s part of the service. Having that business as well as shopping for my own closet keeps me inspired!

Dree Harper

Dree is wearing our Alice Coated Skinny jeans in Licorice….we think she looks adorable!


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