Color Inspiration: Blue


Blue is almost synonymous with denim. And for our Alice Skinny in Nostalgia, we wanted to do something different with the color. It’s not your typical blue jean denim – it’s a blue grey that reminds us of a vintage blue that is a little ‘greyed out,’ and more muted unlike the many bright modern representations of the color. Designer Jennifer Wojinski said the blue we used for Nostalgia “gave her a calming feeling, unlike how most people associate it with ‘having the blues,’ and reminded her of happy times in the past; therefore the name ‘Nostalgia’.”

Like all of our washes and styles, our Alice Skinny in Nostalgia is inspired by a mood board and below are a few images that are included on the board. Take a look at our Pinterest Color Inspiration: Blue board for more of an inside look and when you put on your Alice Skinny’s in Nostalgia, remember all the happy times.

blue board

Where to find your own pair:

473 – 475 Broadway
(Between Broome and Grand Streets)
New York, NY 10013

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