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Made in the USA: Smell Bent

Posted by The E on October 16, 2012

Small Bent

In California, there has been a rising trend of boutique artisanal perfumers who focus more on the juice than the fancy bottles and glamorous ads. Indie perfumers are creating scents from what they know or may not know, and making them unique in their own way and not just to be another generic product on the beauty shelf. Smell Bent is one of the indie perfumers in Los Angeles, which was started by Brent Lenonesio after he got laid off from his fashion job. Brent told LA Times, “The goal of my perfume was always to put the money inside the bottle rather than outside.” We love how Brent is passionate about finding the world’s finest ingredients and adding fun to his scents with fantastic names, like Lady Gogo and Hungry Hungry Hippies. And of course, all of his scents are made right here in the USA!

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Who’s Got The Habit: Kristen Bell

Posted by The E on October 15, 2012

Kristen Bell

The voice of Gossip Girl was just spotted: Kristen Bell was seen wearing a pair of HABITUAL Alice Skinny jeans in El Dorado, while shopping in New York City last week. We are so glad she was spotted wearing a pair of HABITUAL, but will be sad when we won’t be hearing her voice anymore when the teen drama series comes to a final end this season. Be sure to tune in to CW tonight for the new episode of Gossip Girl at 9pm/8pm CT!

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Artist We Love: Bri Emery, DesignLoveFest

Posted by The E on October 12, 2012

Dress Your Tech by DesignLoveFest

Most of us spend a lot of our time staring at our computers at our offices, and Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest, is bringing some life to our desktops for FREE! You may not be allowed to put real wallpaper up in your office, so that’s why you should “Dress Your Tech” with some digital wallpaper! Bri Emery is a design pro and we love reading her blog everyday – from style posts to DIY projects to business advice (she runs a boot camp class called BlogShop that teaches anyone and everyone how they can jazz up their blog with Photoshop) – she’s a lady that knows a whole lot. We are currently rocking “You Got This” desktop wallpaper for a little end of the week Friday encouragement, but we also love this “Boom” design.

Boom. Happy Friday, all!

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5 Questions: Sari Anne Tuschman

Posted by The E on October 10, 2012


We absolutely adore FOAM magazine’s mission, which is to empower young women through celebrating individuality in fashion, beauty, music and action sports. And this week, The Habit had the honor of getting to know the Editor-in-Chief of FOAM magazine, Sari Anne Tuschman, by asking her our five favorite questions.

Before landing her current position at FOAM, Sari was the former Editor-in Chief of Los Angeles Confidential. A veteran in her industry, her career has been in both print and television, having also worked as a producer at E! Entertainment Television and executive producer of content at Plum TV in Aspen and as senior editor at Aspen Magazine. She also served as Hunter Thompson’s writing assistant.  Sari currently resides in Santa Monica, and when she isn’t focused on words or obsessing over grammar, she is enjoying the outdoors—skiing, snowboarding, and more often than not, surfing.

New York or Los Angeles, and why?

LA all the way. I’m such an outdoors person, I could never live without the ocean and mountains nearby. I love how outdoors-focused life is in LA; it truly helps you achieve a life/work balance. I can surf in the morning and then go to work running a magazine—how many other places can you do that? I absolutely love living in LA and feel really lucky to be able to do so. I can visit New York and appreciate it, but it’s not my place.

Give us a sense of your personal style?

I really like to be comfortable but still on trend and chic. I love mixing simple, casual pieces—T-shirts, jeans, even cut-off shorts—with something more dressy. Shorts with a blazer, tees with fur vests, jeans and silk tops. If I wear anything too stuffy or structured, I just don’t feel like myself. And I always—always—wear a lot of accessories. If I leave the house without jewelry on, I literally feel naked.

You’re best known for being the EIC of Foam, but what do you consider your greatest talent?

I’m a good friend. And honestly, I think I’m good at surrounding myself with passionate, talented, interesting, creative people, who help me become a better and more interesting person. And there’s no question they have definitely aided in any success I’ve had professionally.

What’s your daily habit?

Working out and eating candy. I guess I do the first so I can do the second.

What’s one thing in your closet you could never give up? And what’s your go-to piece in the closet right now?

The one thing I would never give up is my grandma’s vintage green, sequined dress. She wore it to my parents’ wedding 45 years ago, and it’s absolutely incredible. It also fits me perfectly, which is the craziest thing. When she passed away, I also got a gorgeous hunter green suede Chanel purse that was hers that is in perfect shape. She took such good care of everything she had, and I love wearing those pieces because they remind me of her.

My go-to pieces in my closet are pretty much always the same thing—my Veda leather jackets. (And to be honest, I’ve been wearing my red coated-denim Habitual jeans A LOT lately.)

BONUS: How do you stay ahead of the trends?

Oh, I’d like to think I stay ahead of the trends, but I’m not sure I always do—that can be a full-time job! But I do try to pay attention to what I see around me on the street because sometimes there is nothing more inspiring than witnessing someone’s innate sense of style and allowing that to influence yours. I also read tons of magazines—of course—and try to stay on top of new designers and emerging smaller brands. But more than anything, I wear what I feel and look good in because that’s when I feel the best—whether it’s perfectly on trend or not.

Check out FOAM‘s latest issue here!

Foam Magazine

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Obsession: SuperDuper Hats

Posted by The E on October 9, 2012


We are obsessed with handmade hats, if you couldn’t tell already from our posts here and here. We came across these three Italian hat makers, who make SuperDuper hats, and absolutely love their philosophy. First of all, they make their hats with a old fashioned wooden hat block shaper, which most hat makers don’t use these days. Second, their hard work and hours of labor they put into each hat, as each is completely unique and exudes old shapes with a contemporary style. And finally, a hat doesn’t become “SuperDuper” until the one wearing it is truly satisfied with the final result – that’s our favorite part! We adore their page on their website dedicated to people wearing their very own “SuperDuper” hat.

Super Duper

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Single Shot: The Grand Canyon

Posted by The E on October 8, 2012

The Grand Canyon

In honor Columbus Day, here’s a gorgeous panoramic one of our colleagues took at one of the natural wonders of America (the world, really), the Grand Canyon.

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For the First Time…

Posted by The E on October 5, 2012

Yesterday, we wrote about how Vidal Sassoon changed the world through a pair of scissors and acknowledged how Coco Chanel has done the same with how the way women dress today. And today, Chanel has launched a brilliant video, “For the First Time”, showing the story of their legendary scent, N°5, for the first time online. This is an absolutely gorgeous and classy video, just like Coco Chanel.

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How Can You Change the World?

Posted by The E on October 4, 2012

Vidal Sassoon Movie

“How one man changed the world with a pair of scissors.” This man is Vidal Sassoon, the legendary hairdresser, who you probably know through the hair products sold at your local pharmacy. We just recently watched the Vidal Sassoon documentary, although released in 2009, and it is simply inspirational! The movie shows Vidal’s life journey from his childhood days living in an orphanage to his service as an Israeli soldier and finally shows his amazing career as a hairdresser.  Just as we have admired Coco Chanel for how she revolutionized the way women dress, Vidal’s vision did that for the hair industry and made it into a craft.  And what we love most is that he shared –  he shared his knowledge and educated others.

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Obsession: Sugarpova

Posted by The E on October 2, 2012


Currently ranked as the No. 3 tennis star in the world, this 6’2” knockout has aced it both on and off the court. At only 25 years old Maria Sharapova recently launched a new candy line, cleverly named Sugarpova, and it is quickly gaining attention for its quirky packaging and “flirty” mix of lips, tennis balls, handbags and high heel shaped gummies and gum balls. Sugarpova’s 12 products offer something for everyone from the girly girl to the more athletic.

We will admit the $5.99 price for these delicious gems may be a little steep, but every once-in-a-while you need to treat yourself to an “accessible bit of luxury.” Sugarpova is slowly reaching retailers so follow these signature lips to the website, or stop by one of the local It’s Sugar locations and pick up yourself a bag of these playful and fun candies.

These look like tennis balls, but they are really lemon-line gumballs…


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Quote of the Day…

Posted by The E on October 1, 2012

A good heart...

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