5 Questions: Lisette Geller of Denimology

Lisette Geller

Regular readers of Denimology will probably recognize the name Lisette, the New York Correspondent who knows all the latest denim news from the Big Apple. But, readers might not know that Lisette isn’t just a denim expert – Lisette is a professional stylist, personal shopper and fashion consultant who has produced catwalk shows and lookbooks. As if that wasn’t impressive enough she is also a designer with experience of creating sportswear collections. And on top of all that speaks English, German and Portuguese fluently!

This week, The Habit had a chance to catch up with Lisette and ask her our five favorite questions to learn even more about her…

New York or Los Angeles, and why?

Preferably both: LA in winter and NYC in summer. LOL! But on a more serious note, I can’t imagine living any place other than New York. The vibe, the action, the feel of this city is just the most amazing sensation in the world. And trust me, I have lived all over the world, just to mention a few places: Germany, Austria, Brazil…and I love the fast pace of this place here. Things get done like we say: “In a New York minute” – this attitude is the biggest drive for me.

Give us a sense of your personal style?

I am basic, no frills. I don’t wear dresses or pumps or carry clutches. I am a jeans-tee-sweater-boots person. I don’t use make-up and I don’t even try to project something I am not. Oh yes, I do take extremely good care of my appearance, but what you see is what you get. I don’t have two inch long eyelashes and my only concession to “come on you gotta do SOMEthing with your self” is black or blue nail polish! My slogan is: “like me the way I am or just ignore me”. And it works!

You’re best known for being a fashion blogger, but what do you consider your greatest talent?

I love communicating with people, understanding the way a person thinks and feels and that’s probably the reason why I am such a successful personal stylist and shopper.

What’s your daily habit?

Because of the different time zones all over in the world, I usually stay up until 3 a.m. to blog and interact with the brands in, like, Australia when they wake up before I go to sleep. The same goes for Europe and Asia. So this is why I work late and get up late. Then I enjoy my daily newspaper, go through some fashion mags to keep in touch with what’s going on and then I do the regular work which is visiting showrooms, attending press previews. When I have clients visiting, I take them shopping. I shop for myself! And I love hanging out in the Meatpacking District and in Soho to watch the street fashion.

What’s one thing in your closet you could never give up? And what’s your go-to piece in the closet right now?

My Harley Davidson black biker jacket that I have had for almost 10 years now! That will stay with me FOR-EVER.

Go- to piece…hmm, that is a bit complicated. I am quite moody and inconsistent in my choices of clothes, so I actually have some different go – to pieces every day, or even twice a day! But lately I have been very much into my leather jeans and, of course, my black coated Habituals!

BONUS: What’s your best tip for styling this winter?

Heavy Army Parker jacket with faux-fur trimmings and bulky, so you can feel warm and cozy even when it’s freezing outside. Lots of leather jeans, coated and wax jeans in all shapes and forms, as they are perfect for keeping the rain/snow off of my legs. (I waterproof them). Please, pretty please, NO UGGS! But go for some cool classic Frye’s, or even some studded Ash boots. Super oversized sweaters, but NOT BULKY, we want to look at least a bit feminine or sexy, right!? Use them with a belt or tie a scarf around your waist. Or if you are wearing a cable knit fisherman’s sweater, tie a rope around your hips.

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