Obsession: Illustrated Tees by Joana Avillez

Joana Avillez Tees

We’ve already expressed our adoration for Bill Cunningham several times on The Habit, but another fashion icon that we put at the same level is Grace Coddington, former model and the current Creative Director of Vogue. We adore them so much, that we would actually think about wearing them.

With the help of illustrator Joana Avillez, style site Refinery29 has created drool-worthy tees donning two of fashion biggest icons. Stemming from Avillez’s commissioned series of fashion icon and fashion editor illustrations for the site, the shirts capture Coddington’s flaming red hair and platform shoes and Cunningham’s recognizable blue jacket, bike and camera in true form.

Are you a ‘Bill’ or a ‘Grace’? For true fashion lovers this question can be a hard one.  Still can’t decide which one is for you? There’s nothing wrong with supporting an artist and buying both!

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