Bands We Love: The Lumineers


Known for their catchy stomp-and-clap “Hey Ho” single which hit No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart, the Lumineers, never thought they would earn two Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Americana Album.  “When things are good, there’s only one way to go: down. You start to be, ‘What’s going on right now? Grammys? Is this a joke?’” said drummer Jeremiah Fraites in a Rolling Stone interview.

Jeremiah and band leader Wesley Schultz became childhood friends in the spring of 2005 playing gigs in New York.  Before long, the two moved to Denver and met cellist Neyla Pekarek from a craigslist ad. Their 2011 self-recorded EP led to a tour attracting fans from all over the nation.

What’s great about these guys is that they’re not just known for their hit single, but for their entire album.  In most of the trio’s songs they give off this cheery vibe that will put anyone at ease.

This folk-rock-group isn’t afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves allowing them to create songs that fans can relate to! They are a mix of front-porch-folk music spiced with a little soul and acoustic rock. It’s not so often a fresh faced band gets nominated for the Grammy’s after not being on the radar for long.   Make sure to also check out their performance at the Grammy’s!

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