Bands We Love: Imagine Dragons

It was only a year ago that the band members of Imagine Dragons were couch surfing and surviving off of Del Taco before exploding onto the music scene. The indie-rock band was first recognized nationally in November of 2012 when their single “It’s Time” was certified platinum by the RIAA. “It’s Time” gained the attention of Hip-Hop producer Alex Da Kid, who then got the band their first deal with Interscope Records.

So what kind of sound results from an indie-rock band mentored by a hip-hop producer? You get an album meshed with various genres where every song is interwoven with different beats, percussion and guitar melodies.  Their album “Night Visions” can be described as a cross between Lil’ Wayne’s lyrics and Coldplay’s electro beats!

The bands’ unique sound can be credited to the city of Las Vegas, where it was formed and developed its musical style.   Frontman Dan Reynolds explains he and his three band mates had to compete for attention against show girls and slot machines -forcing them to get creative.

Even the band’s name, Imagine Dragons, is creative. It is actually an anagram in which every letter stands for a phrase that only the band members know!

Listen to “It’s Time” below:

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