Obsession: Denim Nails

Denim Nails

Getting creative has gotten a whole lot easier with Pinterest, especially when it comes to nail art!  Instead of spending your cash at a nail salon, spend the extra time on your nails to create some unique designs.  We’ve pretty much all seen the dip your nails in different colored water technique but how about using plastic wrap to create that fab denim/marble look?

Here’s What You Do:

1)      Paint your nails with your favorite base color and let it dry.

2)      Tear a piece of plastic wrap into 10 small pieces and bunch into little balls.

3)      Paint your nails with a second color – BUT before letting it dry- dab your nails with the plastic wrap to pick up some of the first color.

4)      Tah-Dah!!  You get Denim/Marble looking nails. Be sure to paint on a top coat to keep from chipping.

Denim Nails

Is it just us, or do these nails look like our ‘Almas’ Marbled skinny jeans??  Pre-order these jeans on Nordstrom to match your fab new denim nails!

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