Artist We Love: Eric Cahan


Sunset 8:10pm

We are amazed by New York-based artist Eric Cahan’s work. Cahan’s current project, Sky Series, which he  captured on his extensive travels is what caught our attention. Each piece of work is titled by the time and location of its creation. Cahan says it’s almost like a journal to keep track of his travels, “During my travels, I discover what I want to document. My works are titled to remind me of the experience, both visually and spiritually.” As viewers, we get to be part of his journey in a way. We were drawn to this specific photograph, “41.052491,-71.95825 Sunset 8:10pm,” as it essentially tells a color story. Interestingly, Cahan uses Photoshop very little to create the color curves. He uses colored resin filters and holds them in front of the lens while shooting. It takes a specific artist and one that is well-versed to create the work that Cahan creates and we admire him for that.

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