Made in the USA: Re-Spin It

Re-Spin it

It’s time to replace your boring dust-collecting wall clock with something a little more unique.  Add an eye-catching piece to your home decor, by switching out your traditional clock for a retro recycled vinyl record.  Sacramento based shop, Re-Spin It, provides just that. David Enos and Daniel Woodson, started the company with the goal of creating great products with as little waste as possible.

David and Daniel are advocates for taking something old and revamping it by recycling! According to the company, digital music is taking over leaving no more use for physical album covers or vinyl.  Re-Spin It not only features recycled clock vinyl, but also features re-purposed album cover notebooks.  For the clocks, the company uses vinyl that has been declared unplayable yet, still has the label in great condition.  The vinyl is then combined with old scrap materials to prevent it from taking up space in landfill.

Clocks are usually 12” in diameter and are mounted onto a stainless steel background.  If you don’t see any products of your favorite artists or bands listed on the shop site, simply email them your request. We are definitely going to take advantage of these amazing collectibles that are all made in the USA.

Re-spin it

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