Pearl & Ash

We recently had the pleasure of dining with a couple of our favorite fashion editors at culinary rising star, Richard Kuo’s new Pearl & Ash at 220 Bowery and we were instantly enamored.  The name is said to have come from a story from Chef Kuo’s childhood that “a fine jewel does not need a showy setting”.  However, the atmosphere in the 60 seat room was energetic and the decor warm and refined.  It was packed with an eclectic, hip crowd of foodies that can no doubt appreciate the unexpected and fresh offerings.   No specific recommendations needed as we dined family style and shared almost every item on the menu!  Can you blame us?  (This is how we love our menus and our collections… focused and best of the best.)  Service was spectacular as every team member worked in harmony and seemed to exude a passion for food & wine.   Bravo all around.  If you can snag a reservation, take it and enjoy!

Quality over quantity always.

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