Made in the USA: Stock Manufacturing Co.

Stock Manufacturing Co.

With one of our favorite summer music festivals (Lollapalooza) getting closer and closer, we can’t help but get a little nostalgic for the Windy City. What you may not know is that Chicago is actually a mecca for fashion, and is currently turning out some of the best designers and fashion start-ups. One of these companies shaking up the fashion scene is Stock Manufacturing Co. Launched back in early February, Stock Mfg. Co. has a fairly simple mission: to produce high-quality, American-made fashion at the lowest possible price. How do they do this you may ask? By collaborating with emerging designers, and every couple of weeks featuring pre-sales of the designer’s pieces and designs on their site ( Similar to Kickstarter, the Stock Manufacturing consumer then gets to decide if the item(s) featured on the site should get produced or not. Once enough people purchase the item during the pre-sale Stock Mfg. will finance and manufacture the product in-house within their factory. And it gets even better! Once an item is approved Stock Mfg. doesn’t charge any additional fees to the designer, or charge shipping fees! Pretty cool right?

We love this idea of not only supporting emerging talent but also giving the consumer a voice in what they are purchasing. This is one cool company, that five cool guys (with a crazy amount of fashion experience) have really pulled off. To see what is on the docket for this week (don’t worry they feature and sell women’s clothing too), or purchase product from Stock’s collection of jackets, shirts, bow ties, pocket squares and jackets, head over to their site!

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