Bands We Love: Movits!


Named after Fader Movitz, a character in a story by an 18th-century Swedish poet, this Swedish band, Movits!, is one of the most eclectic bands we have listened to in awhile.  They are a Swedish-hip hop-swing band that started pretty mainstream as an acoustic hip hop reggae band . The DJ and multi-instrumentalist of the band Anders Rensfeltdt said. “It was just acoustic guitar, organ and cajun.” Eventually, though, inspired by the drums and the horns of the swing era, they started working on the music that turned into their first album called, Äppelknyckarjazz, which translates to Apple swiper jazz or scrumping jazz in English, and is referencing the apple-stealing trousers worn by Swedish street kids in the ’30s and ’40s. After being featured on The Colbert Report, Movits! received quick fame and they claim that was the reason for their popularity. We love their unique sounds and style; listen for yourselves. Here’s one of their newest singles, Nitroglycerin:

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