Bands We Love: Dumbfoundead


Best known for his witty rhymes, infectious attitude and playful vibe, Jonathan Park, also known by his stage name Dumbfoundead, is a native Los Angeles rapper of Korean descent.

He has been dubbed by NPR as “A Rising Star In A Genre In Transition”.   Their reasoning behind this is because when you hear the word “rapper” most people envision Jay-Z wearing a scary mask or Ice Cube snarling.  However, Jonathan is the complete opposite from your typical rapper and comes off as a playful goofy guy who is quick witted and really intelligent.

Jonathan is contributing to breaking the typical rapper stereotype by creating rap music with his own cultural twist.  He believes Asian rappers didn’t step into the hip-hop scene in large numbers initially because they hadn’t figured out they could broaden the genre with their own cultural spin. They pictured rap as African-American, and hesitated to break that mold.

In the past couple of years, he has been establishing a strong online presence and has received the most views for his song   “Are We There Yet”.  In this song he talks about the struggles of being born to Korean refuges in Argentina then being taken to Mexico and finally smuggled into the U.S.  Throughout the song, he praises his mother for giving up her dream and handing it down to him. We love this inspiring upbeat song and cannot stop playing it in our offices!  What do you guys think?

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