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The Best is Yet to Come

Posted by The E on December 31, 2013

As we transition into 2014, there’s no better time for an optimistic truism. The best is yet to come, indeed. Happy New Year!

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Habit-Forming: The Wallace

Posted by The E on December 20, 2013

Having already eaten at The Wallace three times since it opened last month, it’s something of an understatement to say the restaurant’s a favorite. The owners of the Los Angeles spot, husband-and-wife team Michael and Carol Teich, call it “a true California restaurant,” sourcing local, sustainable ingredients for mouthwatering dishes like bacon marmalade served in a jar with flatbread. Combine that with addictive cocktails (a vodka-ginger-chartreuse-lime “dream catcher” for example) and a beautifully airy space in Culver City and you have the holy trinity of restaurants. In a word, wonderful!

Image via DailyCandy

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Lensing the Lensmen: Everybody Street

Posted by The E on December 19, 2013

NYC-based photographer Cheryl Dunn turns her lens on the lensmen in her documentary on NYC street photography, “Everybody Street,” now available from Vimeo On-Demand. Even the trailer shows how widespread the tradition is with stunning imagery, such as a young man peering through the trigger of a gun (likely the work of Boogie), and quotes from well-known photographers, including “fourth Beastie Boy” Ricky Powell. We’re looking forward to cozying up with the film for more from Martha Cooper, Jamal Shabazz and others. Read Hunger TV’s interview with Dunn to learn more.

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Obsessions: A Hunky Dory Outfit

Posted by The E on December 17, 2013

Always inspired by David Bowie’s beguiling fashion sense, we looked to the androgynous glam seen in press photos from his fourth album Hunky Dory (which came out 42 years ago today) to inform this fabulous look for winter. Paired with HABITUAL Harlow Flares, the checkered fur and giant lizard ring make quite the retro-modern statement.

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From the Hip: The Power of Glamour

Posted by The E on December 15, 2013

A recent New York Times story today quotes from Virginia Postrel’s new book “The Power of Glamour,” reporting that it “distills glamour into three essential elements: the promise of escape, grace and mystery.” Sounds like a HABITUAL motto—and a good read over winter break!

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Habit Forming: Beyoncé Visuals

Posted by The E on December 13, 2013

With Beyoncé’s surprise release this morning of her heavily visual new album (17 videos in all), naturally there are some pretty fabulous looks that accompany it. For your Friday perusal, here’s our favorite of Queen B’s publicity photos for the self-titled album. You can check out the teaser video on Facebook or buy the album from iTunes.

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The New Classic Gift: Heath Ceramics

Posted by The E on December 11, 2013

The clean, modernist lines of Heath define a haute bohemian sensibility that goes back to the ceramic brand’s Northern California roots. It isn’t any wonder then that their pottery feels right for today’s version of that casual elegance, making their revival over the past couple of years a good reason to gift these made-in-America wares. One of our year-round standbys is to fill their elegant bud vase with a few stems as a thank-you or hostess gift. In a candy-apple hue, the holiday edition is a no-brainer.

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HABITUAL Trail: Four Fashion Hotels

Posted by The E on December 6, 2013

Yes, we’re the kind of girl who gets inspired by a closet. Looking through Tablet (our go-to for all of our travels), the image of a fabulous dress hanging in Paris’ Royal Monceau launched a thousand fantasies of our next trip. With the idea of a fashion destination in mind we found a few other places well-suited for travelers like us, whether thematically or for their locations in fashion-oriented areas.

1) As the recent collections proved, Paris is still the fashion capitol and what better way to experience it than at the recently renovated Royal Monceau.

2) Hotel Americano has the benefit of not only being close to the garment district, nearby the Fashion Institute of Technology and where several local labels like Rachel Comey still have their clothes made, but also among the many amazing Chelsea art galleries.

3) With the kind of surreal austerity only seen in Europe, Maison Moschino feels something like a Richard Meier-designed Alice in Wonderland.

4) Sydney’s QT Hotel puts visitors in the heart of the city’s culture, nightlife and of course fashion, while also being close to beaches.

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Habit Forming: Kustaa Saksi's Hallucinations and Half-Dreams

Posted by The E on December 5, 2013

Inspired by his migraine-induced hallucinations, Finnish artist Kustaa Saksi’s turns more than just tapestry on its head with his gorgeous creations. His modern textile approach incorporates natural and man-made yarn using both traditional Jacquard techniques with non-traditional themes. The results transform his negative experiences into beautiful artworks, such as our favorites, “Arbor Vitae” (pictured), and “Hiding in Plain Sight.”

For gallery and more information, visit Cool Hunting.

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Obsessions: The New Minimalism

Posted by The E on December 4, 2013

As proponents of both obsessiveness and wardrobe staples, we’re naturally also fans of Self-Service Magazine’s “Obsessions” feature. As the story in the Fall/Winter 2013 issue advises, “Know your basics.” From the fabulous Givenchy leather-and-wool jumpsuit to Saint Laurent’s gorgeous diamanté fishnet, our favorite is this chic wool sweater with an elegant gold stripe by Jil Sander. Style it with a pair of HABITUAL Eve Skinnies and a simple black shoe for an effortless holiday look!

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