Habit-Forming: Three Oscar-Nominated Fashion Trends


While costumes help set tone, define characters and even motivate plots, our style-obsessed brains look to fashion in film primarily for inspiration. Based on that idea of a visual treat, we chose these three of the 2014 Oscar nominees in Costume Design for how they present a fantasy that doesn’t just help tell the story, but also feels relevant now.

No one anticipated Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” like the fashion world and the opulence and sequins didn’t disappoint. The glittery looks however seemed best on screen, with the exception of this boho scarf-and-headband combo that beautifully helped fuel the current rage for mismatched prints.

Wearing Amy Adams’ dramatically slit tops from “American Hustle” might be inappropriate in most workplaces, but the way costume designer Michael Wilkinson interpreted the characters’ take on a seductive, classy associate has all the hallmarks of how the late ’70s and early ’80s influenced professional fashion today.

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