Behind the Scenes: ENK and Coterie

Posted by The T on March 1, 2011

February is an important month for the denim and fashion industries, not only because of the collections showing at Fashion week, but also because of two back-to-back trade shows, ENK and Coterie.

ENK takes place for three days each year at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, and brings together fashion brands from all over to showcase the latest sportswear, denim, dress, accessories, and footwear lines to the buyers who select what shows up in the boutiques and department stores nearest you. Trade shows are where a lot of the hard work of the fashion business takes place. Beyond the glamour of New York’s million dollar runway shows, trade shows are an intersection of salespeople, fashionistas, stylists, buyers, and businessmen, taking appointments and standing in heels for long hours in a massive convention hall.

Habitual Booth at ENK Las Vegas

The Habitual Booth at ENK Las Vegas

Immediately following ENK is Coterie at New York’s Javits Center, one of the largest fashion trade shows of the year, with nearly 14,000 vendors, ranging from the modest booths of new denim startups to the massive, built out fashion experiences from billion dollar global brands. This year we tried to keep things relaxed and open for the thousands of attendees to work through at their own pace.

Habitual booth at Coterie in New York

The Habitual booth at Coterie in New York

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Explained: Selvage Denim

Posted by The S on February 24, 2011

Selvage Denim

People often ask, “What is selvage denim?”  (Well, maybe you never asked, but we certainly did).

Selvage denim (also called selvedge denim) is a type of denim which forms a clean natural edge that does not unravel. It is commonly presented in the unwashed or raw state. Typically, the selvage edges will be located along the outseam of the pants, making it visible when rolled into a cuff.

The word selvage comes from the phrase “self-edge” and denotes denim made on old-style shuttle looms. These looms weave fabric with one continuous cross thread (the weft) that is passed back and forth all the way down the length of the bolt of fabric. As the weft loops back into the edge of the denim it creates this “self-edge” or selvage. Selvage is desirable because it can’t fray, unlike most denims, which have separate wefts that leave an open edge and must be stitched.  While shuttle looming is a more time-consuming weaving process, another benefit is that it produces denim with a tighter weave and heavier weight that lasts longer.

And, as a bonus for reading, you have a new Scrabble word: “weft”.

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HABITUAL Obsession: South by Southwest

Posted by The S on February 23, 2011

We are eagerly counting down the days to South by Southwest 2011.  It’s less than a month away!  In anticipation, here is a great little video from Grace Potter, who performed at the festival last year:

It’s so refreshing to hear music with no studio adjustments, no editing, and no Auto-Tune.  Just some guitars, pill bottles, ice buckets, and raw talent!  At SXSW, it’s not unheard of to hear bands play music in random hotel rooms, in parking lots, or even in the trees.  The music festival runs from March 15 to March 20, but SXSW is actually a full week of events, including a tech conference and a Film Festival. We are hoping they add a fashion trade show so we can have an excuse to go every year.

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HABITUAL Obsession: YSL Tribute Platform (in nude)

Posted by The T on February 22, 2011

YSL Tribute Platform - Nude

We’re torn.  We really love this shoe, but only in the nude color. We wish it was never an “it” shoe. After looking at 188 images of celebrities in this YSL Tribute Platform Sandal, some of us are feeling a little nauseous. Hard to believe this “iconic” shoe has only been around since October 2007.  They keep producing it in every color imaginable.  Stop that!

Pros: You grow six inches instantly, legs feel a mile long. Surprisingly comfortable. Nude is the right color to freshen up your shoe collection this year. Looks amazing with the HABITUAL Audrey jean.

Cons: It was an “it” shoe.

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Behind the Scenes: Emmanuelle Alt

Posted by The E on

Emmanuelle Alt Thigh Boots

Emmanuelle Alt, recently appointed Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, is a lesser known Anna Wintour – she hasn’t had a full length documentary made about her or been played by Meryl Streep, but she is every bit the style goddess. She can wear thigh-high boots with skinny jeans, a white tee, and leather jacket and it looks not one bit trashy. It’s nothing but chic and gorgeous and effortless. She looks equally amazing in wider leg flares, the ‘latest’ trend in denim. She is one woman we would love to see in HABITUAL. Emmanuelle, if you ever read this, please call us! We’d love to fit you.

Emmanuelle Alt Flare


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On Trend: Skinny Belts

Posted by The S on February 17, 2011

Luca Luca Skinny Belt

A Look from Luca Luca Fall 2011

Jason Wu skinny belt

A look from Jason Wu Fall 2011

One thing is clear from the shows in New York this week: Get yourself a skinny belt or two.  Donna Karan, Luca Luca, Christian Siriano, Jason Wu, Yigal Azrouel and Max Azria all showed tiny belts. Rachel Comey and Victor De Souza also had super, super skinny belts.

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On the Road: Grange Hall, Dallas

Posted by The S on

Grange Hall Bird DIsplay

A new take on merchandising at Grange Hall

A must stop in Dallas is Grange Hall.  It’s a dark, contemporary shop carrying unique jewelry, art and home decor.  The place is known for once having a party that featured live chickens, in coops, wearing some of the latest necklaces in stock. Grange Hall is boutique that feels like a natural history museum at times, with finds like a paperweight with a snake skeleton inside, stuffed birds, and eerie sculptural jewelry.  A favorite in stock was a snowglobe from clothing designer Martin Margiela. A quirky minimalist, there was no Statue of Liberty or Chicago skyline in there, just a snow globe filled with snow.  No, nothing else, just snow.  So very Martin Margiela.  The guys at Grange also offer some of the most marvelous floral creations you can buy. Urban Flower/Grange Hall is located at 4445 Travis St, Dallas, Texas.

Martin Margiela Snowglobe Grange Hall

Snowglobe by Martin Margiela

Display at Grange Hall

A table display at Grange Hall

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On the Road: Forty Five Ten and Stanley Korshak, Dallas

Posted by The T on February 15, 2011


Forty Five Ten on McKinney Avenue is for serious shoppersThey carry a handpicked collection of designer clothing, from Rick Owens to Balenciaga to Alaia, along with men’s, housewares and gifts. At 8,000 square feet, you could spend all day here, moving from table to table and rack to rack and taking a minute to admire the fountain in the courtyard. You wouldn’t go hungry either, their own restaurant The T Room is a hot spot for lunch. 

Also in Dallas is Stanley Korshak, with a set of stairs you could walk up all day, with quotes from a who’s who of art and fashion.

Stanley Korshack Stairs

The Stairwell at Stanley Korshack

One of our favorites is from Carolina Herrera:

“There is nothing like the moment when a glamorous woman walks into a room and everybody wonders who she is.”

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On the Road: Rich Hippie and Elements, Dallas

Posted by The T on

Elements Boutique

If you live in the DFW area and just don’t love shopping online, there are two options for you to get your HABITUAL fix. The first is Rich Hippie on Lovers Lane, a historic street lined with boutiques, restaurants, furniture, and coffee shops. We bought a silk top there that made its way into the lookbook. The second is Elements, a few blocks down the street, which has a great selection and size run of the Ascot Trouser and Geena Bootcut. The also have some decor items, including a sculpture by local artist and metalsmith Larry Whiteley.

Steel Magnolia - Larry Whiteley

Steel Magnolia by Dallas artist Larry Whiteley

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On Trend: Sheer Black Tights

Posted by The E on February 11, 2011

Teo Shorts in Onyx, styled with sheer black tights

We love sheer black tights right now.  Not only do they class up an outfit, they make you appear thinner.  Sheer tights are so versatile you can pair them with nearly anything in your wardrobe.  Throw them on with some ripped up jeans to give an unexpected edgy look, or wear them under those leather shorts you’ve been dying to wear this season but haven’t dared because it’s too cold.  They also work with nearly any type of shoe.  Going for a flirty look? Booties. Sexy look? Pumps. Playful and innocent? Flats. Edgy look? Distressed boots. It’s hard to go wrong.

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