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Obsession: Poppin

Posted by The T on April 9, 2014

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We are obsessed with our newest discovery of the most chic and cheerful office products to help us work happy as they like to say.  “Poppin believes you should be able to surround yourself with objects of beauty everywhere you go and in everything that you do.  We’re a small company with big dreams, and we’re here to celebrate your individual workstyle with products that will bring out the real you.”

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Obsessions: Jonathan Harris on Navigating Stuckness

Posted by The E on January 15, 2014

“Really, I just wanted to make small, beautiful things,” writes artist-programmer Jonathan Harris in a recent story about ruts, how to get out of them and so much more. The piece is an inspiring medium-length read for this month of new beginnings, with such gems as the Bob Dylan quote, “A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.”  To see more of Harris’ work, visit his site Number 27.

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New Cass McCombs Video: Big Wheel

Posted by The E on January 6, 2014

A vampire’s bite, aerial cityscapes and a snake’s darting tongue are just a few of the scenes that make up this new video for singer-songwriter Cass McCombs’ “Big Wheel.”  The bizarre and chaotic vibe of the video, like in the kaleidoscopic treatment of a painting shown here, nicely contrasts the sober tone of the song. Lyrics, which meditate on masculinity and society, merge the visuals and instrumentation with beautifully written lines like “Small wheel runs by faith/Big wheel runs by grace.” Pick up the album Big Wheel and Others from iTunes.

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Obsessions: A Hunky Dory Outfit

Posted by The E on December 17, 2013

Always inspired by David Bowie’s beguiling fashion sense, we looked to the androgynous glam seen in press photos from his fourth album Hunky Dory (which came out 42 years ago today) to inform this fabulous look for winter. Paired with HABITUAL Harlow Flares, the checkered fur and giant lizard ring make quite the retro-modern statement.

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Obsessions: The New Minimalism

Posted by The E on December 4, 2013

As proponents of both obsessiveness and wardrobe staples, we’re naturally also fans of Self-Service Magazine’s “Obsessions” feature. As the story in the Fall/Winter 2013 issue advises, “Know your basics.” From the fabulous Givenchy leather-and-wool jumpsuit to Saint Laurent’s gorgeous diamanté fishnet, our favorite is this chic wool sweater with an elegant gold stripe by Jil Sander. Style it with a pair of HABITUAL Eve Skinnies and a simple black shoe for an effortless holiday look!

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Obsessions: The Hunger Games Scarf

Posted by The E on November 22, 2013

If Jennifer Lawrence playing a female warrior isn’t enough to make you like Hunger Games, the costumes with looks from Alexander McQueen and other designers should catch your attention. The scarf-cum-sweater vest that Katniss Everdeen wears over her father’s leather jacket was what made us take notice. While the original is the work of Los Angeles knitwear designer Maria Dora, we found a few others that evoke the feminine practicality of a huntress uniform. Bless’ Triangle Scarf has a toggle that allows the chunky knit to be worn several ways, while Yokoo’s Nantucket Cowl simply slips over the head. For a more urban-appropriate look, opt for Oak’s Funnel Neck Poncho.

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Obsessions: Shaking the HABITUAL Playlist

Posted by The E on November 13, 2013

Borrowing a title from The Knife’s latest album, this mid-Autumn mix of music is all about the disruption—early sunsets, layers, fallen leaves—that the season brings. From the HABITUAL studio to you, enjoy these tunes designed to welcome the changes in daily rituals as we prepare for the winter ahead.

The Knife’s “Hole in the Head” from Shaking the Habitual (released earlier this year) pairs polyrhythmic beats, electronica and their trademark metallic vocals with steel drums and other tropical sounds in a song that makes an ideal soundtrack for the morning commute or any appropriate pleasure-meets-pain moment.

Larry Gus’ “Pericles” is maybe the ultimate mash-up from the an artist whose layers upon layers of sound make for an intricate patchwork of music. From ’60s and ’70s jazz grooves to psychedelic rock and plentiful samples, all tied together with driving polyrhythms, this track is wonderfully weird, dark, and perfect to get you through a workday afternoon.

Like Gary Clark Jr., Willis Earl Beal is another favorite bluesman interpreting the genre with his own unique swagger. With a Tom Waits growl and a feverish pitch, “Hole in the Roof” builds a classic backbeat and an organ to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins heights.

The duo Conrad Praetzel and Robert Powell combine traditional folk and contemporary sounds in their project Clothesline Revival. From their 2002 album Of My Native Land, “Calling Trains” samples a 1936 recording of an unidentified train caller for a dreamy take on Americana.

Anne McCue‘s bluesy song titled “Hangman,” gets punctuation from the desolate sounds of her lap steel guitar for a ballad to dark nights and even darker people.

To truly embrace the depths of the season, we count on Fever Ray (being the earlier iteration of The Knife of course) and tracks like “The Wolf” that channel the heart of a black forest and all the mysteries within it.

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Habit Forming: Orsa & Winston

Posted by The E on November 7, 2013

With divine-sounding, simple combinations, such as snap peas with burrata, bottarga and meyer lemon, the recently opened restaurant Orsa & Winston is high on our list of places to try in downtown Los Angeles. The fine dining concept from lauded chef Josef Centeno offers a five-course tasting menu of his Italian-Japanese fare, though a dish like uni with pecorino cream tempts us to splurge on the super omakase. Is it lunch time yet?

via Goop

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Obsessions: Glasserie, Brooklyn

Posted by The E on October 2, 2013

On a waterfront street in far-flung Greenpoint, the restaurant Glasserie serves simple Mediterranean food that makes the trek to the edge of Brooklyn worth it.

Dishes like the lamb belly with green tomatoes and lentils are comfort food updated for today’s palettes, appealing to the neighborhood’s creative types—and anyone looking for un-fussy food to enjoy in a stylish setting.

Images via the New York Times

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Obsessions: Made-to-Order Blahnik Boutique

Posted by The T on September 5, 2013

Giving shoppers their pick of heel height and colors/materials, the Made-to-Order Blahnik Boutique on Neiman Marcus’s site allows you to create a dream version of Manolo Blahnik’s BB (named for Bridgette Bardot). There are oh-so-many reasons to be excited about this service:

1) Always one of our favorite shoe designers, we’re not alone when we say it feels like wearing custom made since they are so comfortable on our feet—and now this?

2) We use the classic BB style in our photo shoots, thanks to how perfectly the pointy-toed stilettos pair with jeans.

3) You can get the look all in one place—check out our Fall styles on Neiman Marcus!

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