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Obsession: Eldoop Design

Posted by The E on March 6, 2013

For all of you dog lovers out there, your beloved furry friend can now show full ownership over its treat jar, and not just in writing, but with an actual re-creation of themselves!  Eldoop (spelled poodle backwards) Design, is a ceramic company that creates custom handmade, personalized clay collectibles. After a successful career in the home entertainment business, Felice Fleisher – the Toronto-based founder and designer- decided she wanted to create a company combining two of her favorite things — ceramics and her puppy!  Each one of Eldoop’s creations is completely unique — you’ll never find a duplicate. The process starts with the customer/owner sending a photo of their dog to Eldoop.  Felice studies the photo to recreate the pup (any animal really!) into a 3-D clay form, which is then glazed and painted. The end result: a beautiful ceramic treat jar!  Felice says that these days she spends most of her time in her studio designing and creating ceramic pieces- mostly in the form of custom made dog treat jars and urns, but also creating beautiful sculptures, bowls and cookie jars for humans!
I guess we can never do enough for man’s best friend – our pups!

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Obsession: Denim Nails

Posted by The E on February 28, 2013

Denim Nails

Getting creative has gotten a whole lot easier with Pinterest, especially when it comes to nail art!  Instead of spending your cash at a nail salon, spend the extra time on your nails to create some unique designs.  We’ve pretty much all seen the dip your nails in different colored water technique but how about using plastic wrap to create that fab denim/marble look?

Here’s What You Do:

1)      Paint your nails with your favorite base color and let it dry.

2)      Tear a piece of plastic wrap into 10 small pieces and bunch into little balls.

3)      Paint your nails with a second color – BUT before letting it dry- dab your nails with the plastic wrap to pick up some of the first color.

4)      Tah-Dah!!  You get Denim/Marble looking nails. Be sure to paint on a top coat to keep from chipping.

Denim Nails

Is it just us, or do these nails look like our ‘Almas’ Marbled skinny jeans??  Pre-order these jeans on Nordstrom to match your fab new denim nails!

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Obsession: LACMA Acquires New Costume Collection

Posted by The E on January 30, 2013

LACMA Couture

As if LACMA didn’t have enough in their 25,000-item costume collection, they recently announced that they are adding 158 couture fashion items thanks to a hefty donation from Ellen A. Michelson. The sumptuous collection includes gowns and daywear from 1880 to 2008, including Balenciaga, Diora, Givenchy, YSL, McQueen, Chanel, among several others.  Put together by the acclaimed Dominique Sirop, who currently runs his own haute atelier and previous worked with YSL and Givenchy, the exhibit will focus on the expert craftsmanship, fine detail in tailoring and unique pattern-making.

We cannot wait to see this new exhibit!

LACMA Couture Collection

(Photography Photo copyright © 2012, Museum Associates, LACMA All Rights Reserved)

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Obsession: Illustrated Tees by Joana Avillez

Posted by The E on December 5, 2012

Joana Avillez Tees

We’ve already expressed our adoration for Bill Cunningham several times on The Habit, but another fashion icon that we put at the same level is Grace Coddington, former model and the current Creative Director of Vogue. We adore them so much, that we would actually think about wearing them.

With the help of illustrator Joana Avillez, style site Refinery29 has created drool-worthy tees donning two of fashion biggest icons. Stemming from Avillez’s commissioned series of fashion icon and fashion editor illustrations for the site, the shirts capture Coddington’s flaming red hair and platform shoes and Cunningham’s recognizable blue jacket, bike and camera in true form.

Are you a ‘Bill’ or a ‘Grace’? For true fashion lovers this question can be a hard one.  Still can’t decide which one is for you? There’s nothing wrong with supporting an artist and buying both!

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Obsession: LudoTruck

Posted by The E on November 12, 2012


Who would’ve thought that you could get affordable gourmet cuisine from a red food truck? We recently had award-winning Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s LudoTruck, and our taste buds had a little taste of heaven. Chef Ludo is known for his cutting-edge gastronomic cuisine and “pop up” restaurant LudoBites, and he brings his cuisine to the streets with an American favorite, fried chicken. Despite a small menu, we still had trouble deciding between all of the choices. We ended up with Buttermilk Chicken and a Honey Lavender Biscuit as our side. We especially enjoyed the rosemary seasoning on the tender chicken, and the lavender flavor on the biscuit. After our first LudoTruck, it is with no surprise that it was acclaimed as one of the 99 things to eat in LA before you die by Pulitzer Prize winner food critic, Jonathan Gold. This is a must-have if you are ever in LA!

Rosemary Chicken

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Obsession: Vogue Russia October Issue

Posted by The E on November 5, 2012

Vogue Russia October

In Vogue Russia‘s October issue, the magazine decided to do something different from the norm and go back to the country’s oldest traditions, the ballet. Instead of photographing a pop culture story, which most magazines do these days, Photographer Patrick Demarchelier beautifully captured Russian model Anna Selesneva in a series of photos titled “Lady in Red”. In each photo, Anna acts as a strict ballet teacher in chic red attire, while the ballet dancers are practicing at the barre. We admire Vogue Russia for creating such gorgeous scenes from one of their oldest art forms.


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Artist We Love: Mark Herschede, Haven Press Studio

Posted by The E on November 1, 2012

Haven Press Studio

Lately, we’ve been really into this printmaking studio called Haven Press, started by Mark Herschede in Brooklyn, New York. There’s a certain something about it, maybe it’s their old world technique combined with modern technology or their traditional craftsman sensibility, that sets them apart from the rest. They feature multiple artists they have worked with on their website, and each of them are so unique and definitely worth checking out. One of our favorites is an interactive poster conceptualized by Roland Tiango. The artist describes his work best: “A poster the recipient completes by revealing spot-varnished type with hands made dirty by handling the poster, the back of which is coated with powdered pigment.” Haven Press also offers workshops for aspiring printmakers, or those who just want to get in touch with their creative side and learn a new craft. Their workshops cover everything from letterpress to screen-printing, and they’re all $300 or less! Whatever printing idea you might have, Mark is sure to be the one that can turn that vision into a reality.

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Obsession: Voodoo Doughnuts

Posted by The E on October 29, 2012

Voodoo Doughnuts

Halloween is upon us, which can only mean two things: voodoo… and doughnuts.  Lucky for us, Kenneth “Cat Daddy” Pogson and Tres Shannon have combined the two to create Voodoo Doughnuts, a doughnut shop like you’ve never seen (or tasted) before.  They feature doughnuts like Dubble Bubble, Arnold Palmer, Grape Ape, and our personal favorite, the Bacon Maple Bar.  It’s a must have if you either live in or are passing through Portland, Oregon.  Many of their doughnuts have names that will make you blush, but it’s worth the embarrassment for their finger-licking deliciousness.

Surprisingly, Cat Daddy and Tres were complete strangers to the doughnut industry until they learned the ins-and-outs from some well-seasoned veterans in California.  They must have some type of doughnut gene in them because now they own this world-renowned shop that is never short on unique ideas or powdered sugar.  The only thing that could be better than these doughnuts is knowing that the store is open 24/7 with three locations, so there’s never any reason to suppress a craving.

Trust us on this, going to Voodoo Doughnuts will be the only time your mouth will water for a Dirt Doughnut or an Old Dirty Bastard.

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Cupcakes by Alana Jones-Mann

Posted by The E on October 23, 2012

Habitual Cupcakes

We recently had an event to show off some of our newest washes and styles, and we were accompanied by the most adorable and delicious chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting by Alana Jones-Mann. We love how she topped them with our label for a special touch. Alana is a baker and DIY-er out of Brooklyn, NY – check out all of her amazing ideas and work on her blog here. We are currently drooling while looking at her chocolate caramel apples!


Obsession: SuperDuper Hats

Posted by The E on October 9, 2012


We are obsessed with handmade hats, if you couldn’t tell already from our posts here and here. We came across these three Italian hat makers, who make SuperDuper hats, and absolutely love their philosophy. First of all, they make their hats with a old fashioned wooden hat block shaper, which most hat makers don’t use these days. Second, their hard work and hours of labor they put into each hat, as each is completely unique and exudes old shapes with a contemporary style. And finally, a hat doesn’t become “SuperDuper” until the one wearing it is truly satisfied with the final result – that’s our favorite part! We adore their page on their website dedicated to people wearing their very own “SuperDuper” hat.

Super Duper

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