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On Trend: Colored Fedoras

Posted by The E on June 10, 2011

Fedoras in mint green and purple

We’ve seem some awfully cool looking ladies sporting colored fedoras recently. If you want to protect your face from the sun and also add some color to your look at the same time, this is a great option.  Even thought the fedora was originally a women’s hat in the early 1900′s, it quickly became idenitifed with men’s fashion. Today it is a great way to try out the masculine trend without wearing boyfriend jeans or a garment that doesn’t show off your figure. Traditionally, fedoras are made of felt, which is a heavier weight designed for cooler months, so you may want to sub a straw version until fall comes around. Look for a great fedora in your local vintage store or hat shop. Also check out these runway looks from Australia’s Bec & Bridge.

Colored fedoras in vermilion and deep purple

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On Trend: All Things Python

Posted by The E on May 24, 2011

HABITUAL Audrey legging in Black Mamba

While Vogue attributes this spring’s python trend to the Egyptian Cobra that recently escaped from the Bronx Zoo (In case you missed it, a parody Twitter account @BronxZoosCobra was the talk of the town, gaining over 240,000 followers and receiving offers for a stay at the Plaza Hotel and an endorsement deal with SKYY Vodka, among other things), this is actually the most recent iteration of a larger, ongoing animal leather and exotic skin trend. Python has found home this season on everything from YSL platforms to bags, and you can even get a python pedicure treatment.

Our own take on snake is the Audrey legging in the wash Black Mamba. This is a black treatment with plenty of shine and a leathery snakeskin detail. The name comes from an African snake called the Black Mamba, the fastest snake in the world and also one of the most venomous. We like to pair it with a simple black or white top and clean shoes to contrast the energy of the legging. Choose a bright polish on your next manicure to add a bit of color.

If you live in the LA area, you can find it exclusively at Nordstrom South Coast Plaza, Mission Viejo, Brea, or Thousand Oaks, or at Code C in West Hollywood. The style will ship to additional stores later this year.

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On Trend: White Denim

Posted by The E on May 18, 2011

Isabel Marant - Spring 2011

Memorial Day is coming up next weekend and the weather continues to get warmer – that means it’s time to bring out the whites!  White denim doesn’t seem to hit every single summer, but thanks to a strong runway and a difficult winter, people are ready to wear white to celebrate 2011’s warmest months.

How to wear it:

Perhaps the most basic way to wear white denim is… with more white! You can stay cool and look cool by pairing white denim with a clean white shirt - just make sure to break it up with a tonal textured belt. Mixing white with off-white is another flattering combination for many people, such as this white pant and cream sweater look from Isabel Marant’s Spring 2011 collection. If you are going to wear color, commit to it and choose a simple shape in a bold color like orange, which is proving to be one of the must have hues for summer. Of course you can never go wrong pairing white with black; try a patterned knit tank that borrows some of the white from the pants and eases the contrast of the two pieces. Finally, while we adore the ankle strap kitten heels Marant showed on the spring runway, a simple platform sandal in a neutral color will work with nearly any white denim look.

How to wear white denim

Runway Look: Isabel Marant Spring Summer 2011 Ready to Wear
Tops: (Left to Right) James Perse Roll Sleeve Shirt, Jil Sander cashmere and silk blend sweater, Missoni Moss crochet-knit tank.
Belt: TopShop white textured snake effect skinny leather belt
Jeans: (L to R) HABITUAL Aaron rolled skinny in White out, HABITUAL Geena bootcut in White out, available at Nordstrom and
Shoes: Cacherel high platform

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On Trend: Bright Colored Denim

Posted by The E on April 29, 2011

Malin Ackerman, Jada Pinkett Smith, Anna Kendrick, Maria Menounos

A big trend right now (and one we are very excited about!) is people trading in traditional washes for brightly colored denim. From Anna Kendrick’s emerald green to Rihanna’s red, celebs from music, TV and film are all bringing out the brights for late spring!

Khloe Kardashian, Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker

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On Trend: The Undercut

Posted by The E on April 7, 2011

One of the latest hair trends we have noticed all over New York and L.A. is the “undercut” (not to be confused with the boxing move of the same name), so named because the stylist will lift up the top of the hair and cut or shave the sides and back of the head underneath. You can see the look on hipsters, rockers, trendy ladies, and edgier celebs like Rihanna and P!nk. Super scary Lisbeth Salander, the main character in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, played by Noomi Rapace in the Swedish version, sports a particularly dark variety of undercut. There is even a tumblr account devoted explicitly to the look. We first noticed the look in the late 80′s on Mike Patton from the band Faith No More (Now we’re dating ourselves).

Perhaps the hottest – and most buzzed about – example of someone sporting this cut is Kate Lanphear, current Style Director for Elle magazine in the US. She’s going with a blonde, sideswept undercut that might be the coolest hair on the planet right now.

One of the reasons why we like the undercut is that it shows an open-minded attitude towards punk style that has traditionally been isolated to rock & roll.

Kate Lanphear

Style Director for Elle magazine Kate Lanphear

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On Trend: Lace

Posted by The E on April 6, 2011

There was lots of lace on the runways this year, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Jeannie Mai, host of How Do I Look? on the Style network.

Catch this clip from CocoPerez where Jeannie shows you how to change out your boring denim and rock some lace this season. The model is wearing HABITUAL Audrey leggings in Luxor.

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Explained: Vermilion

Posted by The E on March 30, 2011

When the fall 2011 line reaches retail, you will notice that the brilliant red orange color vermilion has made its way into the final collection.

Vermilion is a storied color that has been around since ancient times. In its naturally ocurring form, vermilion is actually mercuric sulfide, a toxic compound also known as “cinnabar”. Like most compounds containing mercury, the substance is toxic to humans, and significant exposure can lead to the psychic and emotional disturbances that result from mercury poisoning. Today, vermilion dyes and paints are synthetic and non-toxic, though natural cinnabar is still mined in China.

Vermillion Paint Swatch

We had been watching the red trend over the past few seasons, moving from the bluer reds of last year to vermilion red with an orange tone in current lines. Isabel Marant is a frequent offender, having used vermilion in several past collections. Hermes, Tory Burch and Chanel have all offered vermilion leather designs, and BMW recently offered vermilion as a paint option on its X5 SUV. We have also seen a lot of red hair both on the runway and in fashion editorials, which became a design inspiration for the fall line.

Red Hair

The origin of the word vermilion is even more interesting. It comes from the French vermeillon, meaning “bright red”. This is derived from the Latin word vermiculum, which means “little worm”, and refers to a small orange red insect the Romans used to make red dye (the same word is also the origin of the pasta shape “vermicelli” – doesn’t that make you hungry?).

Not sure what it is about the ancients using insects for coloring, but carmine is another, deeper shade of red that was made from the crushed up shells of a certain kind of beetle. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra allegedly used these insect bits as a sort of primitive lipstick.

In ancient Rome, the pigment was used to color the face of the statue of Jupiter, and to honor victorious generals as they made their return to Rome. It also decorated the cheeks of gladiators who fought in the Colisseum. In China, vermilion was used by royalty to create imperial writings. Traditional Hindu women still dab vermilion in the part on the top of their hair during certain ceremonies to indicate that they are married, while men wear the color on their forehead. 

The master Italian painter Titian used vermilion powder to create the bright red tones of paint in his fresco Assunta in 1518, which still hangs in the Santa Maria gloriosa dei Frari chapel in Venice. Caravaggio also kept vermilion in his palette to brighten the clothing and blood of his often grotesque imagery. 

Assunta by Titian

"Assunta" by Italian painter Titian

Judith Beheading Holofernes - Caravaggio

Caravaggio's "Judith Beheading Holofernes"

Vermilion also occurs in nature. Scientists gave the vermilion rockfish and vermilion flycatcher their names because of their bright red pigmentation. The Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona is a popular tourist attraction and photography subject. Several cacti also produce bright vermilion flowers.

It’s really no wonder how vermilion found its way into the line.

Vermilion in Nature

Clockwise from top: Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, a bright cactus flower, Vermilion Rockfish, Vermilion Flycatcher

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On Trend: Skinny Belts

Posted by The S on February 17, 2011

Luca Luca Skinny Belt

A Look from Luca Luca Fall 2011

Jason Wu skinny belt

A look from Jason Wu Fall 2011

One thing is clear from the shows in New York this week: Get yourself a skinny belt or two.  Donna Karan, Luca Luca, Christian Siriano, Jason Wu, Yigal Azrouel and Max Azria all showed tiny belts. Rachel Comey and Victor De Souza also had super, super skinny belts.

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On Trend: Sheer Black Tights

Posted by The E on February 11, 2011

Teo Shorts in Onyx, styled with sheer black tights

We love sheer black tights right now.  Not only do they class up an outfit, they make you appear thinner.  Sheer tights are so versatile you can pair them with nearly anything in your wardrobe.  Throw them on with some ripped up jeans to give an unexpected edgy look, or wear them under those leather shorts you’ve been dying to wear this season but haven’t dared because it’s too cold.  They also work with nearly any type of shoe.  Going for a flirty look? Booties. Sexy look? Pumps. Playful and innocent? Flats. Edgy look? Distressed boots. It’s hard to go wrong.

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First Look! Ryder Motorcycle Jean

Posted by The S on January 29, 2011

Ryder Motorcycle Jean
We just finished the Fall Lookbook shoot and it is so exciting to see all the new styles come to life!  Here’s a sneak at one of our favorites, the Ryder Motorcycle Jean in the wash “Epic.”  The wash is smooth and refined, but the detailed stitching on the knees looks so gritty and tough.  Good thing the model is size twig – otherwise someone definitely would have stolen these off the set.

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