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Apartment Therapy: Classifieds

Posted by The E on May 15, 2012

Apartment Therapy Classifieds

Already a favorite site, Apartment Therapy just got even better. Founded by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Apartment Therapy is the haven for trendy apartment dwellers and design junkies alike. Since the site’s inception, it has been a hub of design and DIY projects. By launching new sections, re-launching all of their sections and even penning a book giving readers 8 steps to transform their apartments into beautiful spaces that suit their style and budget, Apartment Therapy is never short of ideas.

The site’s most unique venture was the launch of its newest section – Apartment Therapy Classifieds. Set up as a marketplace for 5 different cities (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and Washington D.C.) the classifieds page allows site visitors to not only digitally ogle beautifully redone apartments but also help other renters in their quest for that perfect couch, lamp, cookware or centerpiece. As always Apartment Therapy continues to inspire people from all over to create “foundations for happy and successful lives…within calm, healthy, beautiful homes.” We will definitely be perusing the classifieds.

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Who’s Got The Habit: Sofia Vergara

Posted by The E on May 14, 2012

Sofia Vergara

One of the funniest ladies on television these days, Sofia Vergara, was spotted wearing HABITUAL Hayworth Flare jeans in Ablaze. The “Modern Family” star was out shopping at SCOOP NYC in New York when she was seen in her Hayworth Flare jeans which she paired with a bright orange leather jacket – the perfect idea for staying warm on a cool day while still adding a fun pop of color for spring.

Sofia Vergara 2

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Who's Got The Habit: Nina Dobrev

Posted by The E on May 10, 2012

Nina Dobrev in HABITUAL Black Angelina Cigarette Skinny jeansWhile Nina Dobrev graced the red carpet in Donna Karan Atelier at the Met Ball, earlier that day she was sporting a more casual look, wearing HABITUAL Black Angelina Cigarette Skinny jeans in New York City. The day after the Met Ball, Nina was spotted again wearing HABITUAL Alice Skinny coated denim jeans in Dark Feather, while leaving the Trump Soho Hotel in NYC with her boyfriend and The Vampire Diaries co-star, Ian Somerhalder. We think Nina effortlessly pulls off the casual look with style and definitely “got the habit” this week in New York!

Nina Dobrev in HABITUAL Alice Skinny coated denim jeans in Dark Feather

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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Posted by The E on May 4, 2012

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Food critics and food lovers alike will come together in awe for David Gelb’s debut film, JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI. The story of this 85-year-old’s life will not only warm your heart but give you a new appreciation for the art of sushi-making. Gelb’s film not only portrays the art of perfecting your craft and a loving relationship between a father and son – it also shows Jiro’s drive and motivation to consistently learn, even as he is considered to be the best sushi chef in the world.

JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI will not only tickle your taste buds but give you a boost of inspiration to follow your dreams. Chef Jiro has dedicated his life to perfecting the finesse and presentation of each of his impeccable sushi creations – while also being the only sushi chef to be awarded 3 Michelin stars. His passion, dedication and humbleness to his craft are unparalleled.

Whether you are or are not a sushi lover the artistic quality of Chef Jiro’s product cannot be denied and people repeatedly pilgrim from all over the world (calling months in advance and shelling out op dollar) for one of the many coveted seats at Jiro’s inauspiciously located sushi bar.

Jiro Sushi

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Denim Day in LA & USA

Posted by The E on April 25, 2012

Denim Day

Today, we proudly wear denim in honor of Denim Day in LA & USA to visually protest against misconceptions that surround sexual assault.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of and prevent rape and sexual assault by asking members of the community, including public officials, students and business people, to wear jeans today as a way to show their support for the cause.

The organization chose denim to make its statement because of an Italian court case from 1990, in which a 45-year-old driving instructor raped his 18-year-old student. After an initial conviction, the man was later let off by the Chief Judge of the Italian Supreme Court, who cited that the jeans she wore were so tight, that the girl had to help the rapist remove them, and therefore it must have been consensual. The women in the Italian Parliament showed their outrage for the decision by wearing jeans to work.

Who’s joining us in wearing denim today?

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HABITUAL's on Pinterest!

Posted by The E on April 20, 2012


Follow Me on Pinterest

Start following HABITUAL on Pinterest for an inside look at the inspiration behind HABITUAL’s design team. Happy Pinning!

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Quote of the Day…

Posted by The E on April 18, 2012

by Theodore Roosevelt

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Posted by The E on April 13, 2012

Red Rooster Corn Bread

If you are anything like us, when we go out to a restaurant, we always have to take a little peek at other people’s dishes before ordering. So what if there was a website where you could see photos of dishes before you went to the restaurant and ordered? Well, we just found out about Foodspotting (although it launched in 2009), a brilliant website and phone app that has fulfilled this void for us! On Foodspotting, you can search by restaurant to see pictures of various dishes that diners have posted. Foodspotting enables Foodseekers to have a place where they can find information about specific dishes, not just the restaurant’s overall review. For example, we wanted to look up popular dishes at New York restaurant Red Rooster, and their cornbread popped up as the highlighted dish; and we also wanted to find reviews on the best mac and cheese dishes in town, click here to see what came up!

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Who's Got The Habit: Jessica Alba

Posted by The E on April 10, 2012

HABITUAL Alice Skinny coated jeans in Taj Mahal

Kick butt while still looking gorgeous?  That’s what Jessica Alba was recently seen doing while wearing a pair of HABITUAL Alice Skinny coated jeans in Taj Mahal! Apparently, she wasn’t really fighting, but was at the Bellevarrado Studios for a YouTube commercial shoot in Los Angeles, California. This is not the first time Jessica has been seen in combat and looking glam; she played a spy in her most recent role in Spy Kids 4 and previously Invisible Women in Fantastic Four.

Find your own pair:

Jessica Alba in HABITUAL Alice Skinny coated jeans in Taj Mahal

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Quote of the Day…

Posted by The E on April 9, 2012


Happy Monday, everyone!

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