We’re honest, clean, timeless, exceptional, and so is our product.

HABITUAL is proud of its brand origin and heritage as one of the original premium denim labels founded in 2001.


Recognized by the glory cross pocket adorned by fashion editors, celebrities and style mavens since it’s inception, the evolution of the brand continues. Today, a clean isolation H pocket represents the focus on subtle style. Our timeless creations are worn by confident women who believe that “simple is beautiful” and quality is more important than fleeting trends.


Whether you have been a loyal fan or trying a pair for your first time, rediscover what it feels like to find your perfect fit. Let everyone know when you can’t stop stocking your closet with our latest styles. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wearing the same jeans for a week. When this happens, you undoubtedly have formed an unbreakable habit and know what HABITUAL is all about.