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We are Habitual


We believe that great design is for everyone. It delights, tells a story and makes the everyday a little less ordinary. At Habitual we create modern clothing for how people live today, versatile and affordable, on-trend design.



The idea behind Habitual came together when we couldn’t find quality clothing that reflected the way women dress today without spending a fortune. So, we decided to use our family’s 70 years of experience in global manufacturing and design to offer an alternative. It was no small task. We utilized all of our resources to create a sophisticated collection of sportswear and denim designed in New York, at accessible prices. This brand needed to work from day to night, have a modern aesthetic with incredible quality and fit at exceptional value. United by our appreciation of good design, the team set about to redefine the process. The concept was obvious: simplify things, manufacture ourselves and bring high-end design to everyone, everywhere at a fair price.



We welcome the anti-ordinary, the unexpected and the individual. Thoughtfully designed, timeless and versatile, our collections are created to both build on and outlast trends and to evolve with your changing style. Attention to detail is everything. We debate the intricate details that make a product iconic and create exceptional pieces for everyday life. It’s a labor of love, but we’re only happy when a product is good enough for ourselves.